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Aug 12, 2005
Quick note to Bryan first: I'm pulling this out of the Joyland thread, since much of this seems to have to do with me personally, but left it in this forum since it's still related to Joyland. If you'd like it someplace else, feel free to move it wherever, I'll find it. ;)

Here are some excerpts from his/her post, which are followed by a total of 10 of my reactions to them:

"Here is the truth. This flaw was recognized and promoted at

Even the owner of the site has posted in this thread that he is due "5 figures". (Poster Jek187)"

1) I am not the owner of BW. I manage it, but do not own it. I will hope you're just misinformed, and not deliberately trying to misinform others.
2) BW did not promote this "flaw", any more than we promote the silly behaviour talked about in our off topic forum. Posters talk about a wide variety of subjects, that doesn't mean they're being "promoted."

"Upon the revelation of this error and the ensuing discussions here at CM, Jek187 removed the threads promoting this casino error in an attempt to further deceive.

Conversations were moved to the private, secret forum at Bonuswhores. Yes, there is a secret, hidden forum there where conversations regarding deceptions like this are discussed between a privilaged few. The error was that it was promoted and discussed in general forums before you began your coverups."

3) No threads were re/moved pertaining to Joyland. This is an outright lie. Unfortunately, I have a hard time believing you were just misinformed here. 4) Additionally odd is your use of the words "further deceive." What, exactly, are we deceiving further from? You haven't even pointed out one instance of "deception" prior to this.
5) If by "secret and hidden" you mean the sticky explaining it in the public forum, then I guess you're right.
6) What, again, are we covering up?

"Shame on all of you who do nothing but add to Bryan's work load with these bogus claims. Cowardice and unethical is coming here to clutter CM's forum and try to rally the troops. Using this forum for this person makes you all EVIL and I hope that list gets expanded."

7) If trying to get money rightfully due me, makes me "EVIL", so be it. However, it's for fair resolution of these sorts of disputes that has given Bryan the excellent reputation he has now. I'm confident he'll rule fairly. I wish we didn't have to add to his workload either, but then again if Joyland would just pay what they owe, we wouldn't have to bug him.

"You thieves saw the bug, you promoted exploitation of the bug, and now everyone is crying because they were caught.

You got what you deserve."

8) If you'd read the thread where you originally responded, you'd see that what you call a bug was obviously not a bug. Using incorrect terminology is hardly a way to build credibility.
9) I played completely honestly during my time at Joyland. I fail to see how that makes me a thief.

10) Obviously you have an ax to grind w/me and/or BW. I hope you're just a disgruntled spammer that got banned, because it would certainly not look good if you were found to be a Joyland employee or something like that.

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