realwin casino use rigged software and they do not pay


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Feb 22, 2003
I deposited a small amount without any bonus to try them out. It turned out they use rigged software.
I lost 22.5 units with 56 units bet while playing their BJ. With return of 59.8% which only happen 1 in 162 for a fair game is not that bad. The worst part is I saw exactly the same cards dealed to dealer and me more than twice. It's obvious they treat their BJ as a slot machine.
Seeing no point to play anymore, I requested a cashin.
This casino completely ignored my emails and phone calls. All I can reach is their answer machine which they never call me back.
Not to mention this casino use false portals to recommend itself.
I havn't get paid nor contacted by anyone of this group. In fact I believe this casino is dead. They still take your deposit though.
This casino is among the worst, not paying, rigged software and fake portals, what else can you ask? :flamemad:
Avoid any casino that use similiar software. If you use a credit card, it's time to do a charge back. They won't pay you even if you win so might as well give up.

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