RealTime Gaming vs Denmark: Are you owed money?


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I need to get an idea of how big this problem remains. The executives of RealTime Gaming stated that they thought all Danes had been paid and all complaints handled.

So, to our Danish members:

*Did you file an OPA complaint? (I can't remember if we were taking them at that time.)
*What casino owes you?
*How much?
*Have you filed with RTG? Through their website or via email to a representative?
*What correspondence did you have with the casino. Please post. Delete confidential info.


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So that all players have realistic hopes:

Do not expect to be paid by Real Time Gaming for these outstanding accounts.

Do not expect Real Time Gaming to be removed from the OPA's "Not Recommended" list in the near future.

All Realtime Gaming casinos should still be viewed with caution.


I don't think any danes were paid their winnings. Only deposits. Are you talking about winnings not paid ?

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I've received some private correspondence from Danes of amazing amounts ($6k!)taken. RTG just doesn't answer their website or email for some people. Maybe I should turn the question around: other than one special person, have any other Danes been paid? Are Danes consistently being ignored at the corporate level?

That's contrary to what three corporate officers told me to my face over dinner.

Whether through dishonesty or incompetence, this is just plain not the right thing to do.


I am owed about 2K total from Vegas Casino Online, Las Vegas USA and Casino Extreme. I filed complaints with the old OPA for all three, I think, and I filed the complaint form with RTG back in January. Other than a reply, that they have received the form, I have not heard or received anything from RTG.

I do not remember if Casino Online was a separate case, but I got paid 50% there.


I am owed Winnings upon $385 from Vegas Casino Online from may 2001.
I made a complaint to "old OPA" after that-I think - I got $300 deposit out of $350 back.
I have maid a complaint at RTG webside,got complaint ticket D6AAXV start of sept. 02
haven't heard from them.
I have deleted e-mails from may 2001.
Still have account numbers from the 5 casinos
in Vegas Casino Online.


I am owed winnings of $300 from Cleopatra. Filed a complaint recently at RTG but not a word from them.

I believe that OPA should have a complaint about this matter dated sometime around summer 2001.


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The Vegas strip still owes me around 1000$. I did fill in the form on the RGTs page but I havent heard a thing from them.


The Vegas Strip group owes me about $1500 (winnings from 3 of their casinos). I filed a complaint at more than a year ago (how dumb was that!) and have recently filed a complaint through RTG's complaint form but have not heard from them since.

I received my deposits back from these 3 casinos but from the other 2 VS casinos where I lost my deposit I did not get anything.


I have not recieved any thing back at all!!
The Vegas Strip group owes me $786 ($525 in deposits and $261 in Winnings.)

As You can see below I deposit $100 at Casino Regal on may 30, 2001 , - the next day all my accounts at VS were blocked and the message below was the last I ever heard from the VS group.

Dato: 30-05-2001 17:41:26 Udskriv
Fra: "Club Regal Casino" >,<, Tilfj til adressebog Afvis afsender
Til: "" >,<,
Titel: Thank you for your deposit! Vis MailHeader

Dear xxxx ,

Your credit card deposit of $100.00 was received successfully and has been credited to your casino account! This charge will appear as
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
on your credit card statement.

Your current balance is now $100.00.

Thank you for your deposit and good luck!

For more information about casino deposits, please see "
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
or send e-mail to "".


Deposit Information:

Account Name: xxxx
Amount Charged to Card: $100.00

New Balance: $100.00

I filed complaints at (no response) and I wrote to OPA about a year ago and are still waiting and hoping for at least to get my deposits back.


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There are enough unresolved complaints here to cast serious doubt on RTG claims that all overdue payouts have been paid.

Any more to come forward?


Vegas Strip also owes me ! - around 1000$

The casinos are: Club Regal, America Online, eWorld and Cleopatra.

They mainly owe me winnings, but also deposits.

Some of the money was cashed in before the danish account were closed and some was never cashed-in before closure of the accounts.

I have recently filed a claim af the RTG claim-site - but have not heard from it.

When the accounts were closed last summer I filed complaints to OPA - but never heard anything from than either.

Thanks for taking this up again !



All together the Vegas Strip owes me 633.5$ in winnings. My deposits I have recieved with many months delay. I have corresponded with them through phone and email, but I get nothing but standard answers.

I have now filled out the form with realtime. I hope that can help me.



*I have not files an OPA complaint.

*America's Online Casino owes me $110,-
*Club Regal Casino owes $29.25
*Club Mardigras Casino owes $157.-

*I have filed a complaint to RTG through their website.

*I have called VS many times. I called again yesterday, and they told me, that they were not supposed to answer calls and emails from Denmark.



Dear Mary

You say that you need to get an idea of the Danes vs RTG.

Do you need more that that ? - I mean ... should we send OPA more details on acount ID's, amounts, deposits not received etc. ? I'm pretty sure that only a few, if any, have been paid by VS since our accounts were closed. I'm also pretty sure than no one have been able to establish any communication with RTG or VS.

Therefore your initiative of taking this up again is very much appreciated !

Kind Regards


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I got paid my winnings a month ago - and I have been able to establish communication with RTG. Not lately though.


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Peter, my sweet boy;
as Jetset said, I think we have seen enough.

I just wanted to know if RTG was telling us the truth.

It appears not.

That is why I think we should not hope for much.


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Starting to look like just another "cosmetic" exercise by these guys. One has to wonder just when they will accept that they are ruining the prospects of good software by ill-advised and insincere management.