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Realtime Gaming disputes page: http://players.realtimegaming.com/

Discussion in 'Gaming Floor' started by mary, Sep 25, 2002.

    Sep 25, 2002
  1. mary

    mary Dormant account

    RealTime Gaming executives told us that all complaints through this link had been resolved, 40% of which after investigation were in teh favor of the player.

    Are there any disputes outstanding that have been filed through this page?

    If so, please let me know:

    *Which casino
    *Amount in dispute
    *Length of time waiting for resolution
    *Correspondence received from casino and from RTG
  2. Sep 26, 2002
  3. mary

    mary Dormant account

    So that all players have realistic hopes:

    Do not expect to be paid by Real Time Gaming for these outstanding accounts.

    Do not expect Real Time Gaming to be removed from the OPA's "Not Recommended" list in the near future.

    All Realtime Gaming casinos should still be viewed with caution.
  4. Nov 29, 2002
  5. jacprops

    jacprops Guest

    I still have a dispute outstanding with Casino Heat. I would be amazed if they paid my winnings.
  6. Dec 15, 2002
  7. partsj

    partsj Dormant account

    Seems to me, RTG only responds when they can make themselves look good. I have filled out their disputes form, and sent several emails. They have never responded!
    Virtual Casino (casinosupportcenter.com) owes me $5000 since 8/02/02!
  8. Dec 15, 2002
  9. jacprops

    jacprops Guest

    I agree. I've submitted disputes myself and never heard a thing. It's a complete waste of time.
  10. Dec 15, 2002
  11. mary

    mary Dormant account

    Thanks for letting us know. It's good to have when sitting across the table from RTG executives who earnestly assure us that all complaints have been handled the information to hit 'em with.
  12. Dec 16, 2002
  13. jetset

    jetset RIP Brian CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    It seems nothing has really changed with RTG - just more assurances that are not lived up to!
  14. Dec 19, 2002
  15. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    This is a real shame. I've enjoyed playing quite a bit with thier software lately, but it seems RTG LIED to the OPA when they agreed to handle these complaints. Also, they lied about things getting better at Virtual/Prism. I keep reading more and more player complaints on a regular basis.

    The only thing I can assume is that Michael Staw puts profits over people, I agree that RTG needs to remain on the OPA's NR list. I will play less and less with this software in the future. I heard directly from an RTG exec by the name of Eddie (last summer) that things would be getting much better and player complaints would never again fall on a deaf ear.

    Should I have expected any more from a company that invented a phony player watchdog orginization (Safebet)?

    This is too bad, as I am in the market to seriously start my own casino. I am now well financed, and have 2 partners. I was actually thinking of licensing the software from RTG.

    Not anymore.
    They are nothing more than phonies.
    The software may be random, but the people behind the software couldn't care a rats ass about screwed players.

    I am now looking at obtaining a license from Inter Active Media (Global-Player) in hopes of being thier 1st licensee. I will try to find out if pay tables can be reduced, and bj rules can changed in favor of the house. The reason? I want to offer very large bonuses to players, and this will not be possible since the software gives players a very good deal without any bonus.
  16. Dec 19, 2002
  17. jetset

    jetset RIP Brian CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    "The software may be random, but the people behind the software couldn't care a rats ass about screwed players."

    It is a pity that the potential of such a good software is spoiled by the hassles that players have with so many of the casinos using it.

    The really disappointing thing is that they don't seem to be able to get a grip on their bad licensees and sort the problems out. From time to time they appear to make promises of improvement that turn out to be flashes in the pan and are followed by more complaints. That's no good for the player.

    You probably spoke with Eddie Kleid who is their marketing and PR guy, Dave. I think he personally tries his best but the corporate system seems to be against him.

    It continually astonishes me that they can't get this right. The software is almost universally popular and they should be right up there instead of wallowing in a bad rep.

    Good luck with your casino, and I hope you keep us informed of the name and url when that is appropriate. You're entering the business at a difficult time, as I am sure you know and that takes courage, but there is always room for fair, well run operations.
  18. Dec 20, 2002
  19. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    I agree with you, Jetset, that RTG is hurting its own profitability by not getting a grip on bad licensees.

    I do believe that things are somewhat better now than they were a year ago. I have played with almost every RTG licensee in 2001, and have yet to come accross one that has stiffed me. The Casino EXTREME group appears to be reputable now that they are under new management. It appears that reason for the new mgt. was RTG's intervention. The Golden Comps group also seems to be paying its winners, even very big winners. The problem with Golden Comps is that they are screwing affiliates. Angelciti and InetBet almost always pay me on the next business day. Who could ask for any more than that. I played even at Prism before realizing it was Virtual Casino, and they paid me too. Winner's Playground did screw a few high rollers out of thier money. Some complained repeatedly and eventually did get paid. Others have given up. Now, Winner's Playground requires that you need to be 25 or up to play there. But the didn't pay everyone from before this change in thier terms.

    RTG's biggest problem is Virtual/Prism. (You must register/login in order to see the link. as well as the hundreds of clone sites) If they simply closed these guys down, it could change RTG's reputation for the better.

    As far as the 2 new RTG's that are supposedly owned by Warren Cloud, I have 2 friends that were screwed out of a few hundred, and haven't gotten anywhere complaining to management or RTG.

    SO ... yes, things have improved somwhat, but simply not enough. As long as RTG continues to lie to lie to the OPA, and support licensees that steal, players cannot trust the RTG name.

    At least with Microgaming, I know if a licensee refuses payment, I can contact EXECS at MGS or PWC, and there is hardly any doubt in my mind I'll get my money. This was proven after the Tropika/Goodfellows scandals. Everybody got paid.

    Same goes for Crypto and Boss licensees. I know both companies would step in to pay the player if there was a problem with the licensee. Why? They administrate the ecash themselves. Also both use PWC.

    As far as Playtech goes. . . They are in the same boat as RTG. NO PLAYER PROTECTION. I know players screwed by Black Widow that have contacted Playtech's Estonia office on a regular basis and haven't gotten anywhere. And yet the OPA does Payout Percentages for them. Not a smart move, and if Mike Craig ever showed up in this forum, I'd ask him if he would stop this sillyness.

    Speaking of Mike Craig . . . where is he????
    I certainly hope he hasn't disappeared like Adkins. The OPA has a very bright future and we need him on these forums. I have a lot of respect for Mike!! I hope he will become actively involved once again.

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