Real Vegas Blocked My account after withdrawal request.


Dormant account
Oct 19, 2006
United Kingdom
I am new to all this so really am not sure if this is where I should be posting. What i do know is that I need some advise from somewhere.

I used a $10 free voucher code for Real vegas casino on 11th Oct and suprisingly managed to get a win. I wagered it as in the Terms & Conditions and then had a balance of over $500.
I made a withdrawal of $480 which it says will take anything up to 72 hours to process. The following day I went to check the pending withdrawal to find I had no access to my account. Immedietly I emailed support to find out they blocked my account claiming I had multiple accounts! After a few more emails the manager unblocked the account, telling me not to log into my account from any other computer than the one I had registered with. This is what I did the following night to find that my account had again been blocked. I emailed support and the reply I got was

Thank you for contacting the Casino Support Team.

Management has closed you're account due to a breach of casino terms and
conditions. The decision is final and not further changes will be made regarding
this matter.

Please feel free to contact our 24/7 Support Team if you have any additional

Michael A.
Casino Support Agent

This is the same email I keep getting as my reply after asking what terms I have broken and trying to find out what they are playing at. I do not have any other accounts and they must know this as I have asked for some sort of evidence/proof of multiple accounts but if it is not the email above I get in response I do not get any.

I am so annoyed and don't know what to do. Is this just their way of getting out of making the payment to me/

HELP. Someone please give me some advice.
Thank you a casino newbie.
Please can someone at least give me their advise

I posted the thread above in the hope that someone would be able to give me a bit of advise as to what I should do, but not one person has responded to it.

Is there anything I can do or are they allowed to keep getting away with doing this to their players?

Anyone, someone even the smallest piece of information you may have will be helpful.

Thanks again

The casino have accused you of fraud. That bit about playing from different computers is a load of BS, it gave them time to complete the investigation.
Your language is a little contradictory, and along with you being a new joiner and poster of a complaint, can lead to others suspecting the casino at least has grounds for suspicion.
If you are new, why do you say ".. keep getting away with doing this".

The fraud you are suspected of is that you registered more than one account with Real Vegas, and playing more than one new player offer, withdrawing when you eventually won.

They have enough evidence to convince themselves that you are guilty.

The way forward is to pitch a bitch to Bryan, and check to see if the casino belongs to any mediation organisation.
Some casino groups also have a rep on this board who may be able to help.

Take copies of the terms and conditions of the casino, and review your own play against these to see if there is merit to the claim that you have breached them.
As this is a free chip, you have at least not lost any of your own money, although you have lost winnings that could have allowed you to play elsewhere.

Make certain not to sign up at any sister sites to this casino, they share information internally, and being locked at one makes it likely you will find accounts at others locked once you submit a withdrawal.
Is there anything I can do

I'm assuming you speaking of (please remove XXX)

Anyone, someone even the smallest piece of information you may have will be helpful.

If you in fact are genuine and did not signup to multiple accounts, then there are far better online casinos that offer new players like yourself both free no deposit offers & or generous deposit bonuses.

As a new player I'd suggest researching every casino you intend to play at before you signup. Alternatively, using the information found at places like CM's and you'll be sure to find intregrity driven online casinos.


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