Real Time Gaming to leave US.


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May 7, 2004
According to a source close to the company, management at RTG's Atlanta, Georgia based operation called a meeting with staff last week and announced the office would close in the near future. It is understood that most staff from the Atlanta location will not be retained or relocated to their Costa Rica operation.

Real Time Gaming was founded at the very beginning of the egaming phenomenon, and has supplied online casino software since 1988. They could be counted amongst the top online gaming software suppliers and licensers from 2000-2003. But it has not been all plain sailing for the multi-lingual software provider, who
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I just looked at their site. No links anywhere on the page. Used to be a client list. Nothing now. Just a page that says Real Time Gaming. So something's up.

What a drag. :mad:
CYA is in full effect given the current political climate and recent legislation.

Anyone who did not anticipate this change has had their head in the sand.

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