real time gaming ( rtg ) casinos or reps., be so kind as to address some questions?


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Jun 13, 2006
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i brought up some questions in another thread, but since no casino or rtg representative has addressed them yet, i thought a new thread with a different title would get their attention.

if you don't mind, some questions to any rtg casino or any rtg representative:

1) why don't rtg casinos have reputable independent audits of their payouts like MG casinos? Where can players find out this information?

2) are rtg slots based on actual reels determined by a RNG or are the symbol displays simply a visual representation of a win or loss determined in "another" method? (such as a "pool" method that i described in another thread)

3) are random jackpots truly non-dependent on wager size? or is it like a lottery where someone who bets $1 gets one "ticket" and someone who bets $10 gets ten chances? other rtg reps have stated that it is totally random at any lines played or bet....doesn't that disadvantage the higher betters?

4) is it true that rtg operators can change their payouts at ANY time? if so, can this be done on different denominations? Does rtg provide any oversight to how often and when payouts are changed?

5) Regarding glitches that seem to affect bonus rounds on slot games: has real time gaming re-evaluated thier software to find other "glitches" in other games? Are bonus rounds an adjustable factor as part of the payout scale?

On a personal note, i played rtg because their games were fun, bonuses not too infrequent, decent hits all the time, etc. i used to win and lose all the time, but the games played fairly so it was still great fun. It took a drastic and fairly obvious change (to me anyway) to take the fun away from games i have played and enjoyed so much.

i know that's a lot of questions, but i'm sure people will get some reassurance if any real time gaming representative addressed them.
to the above questions, please add:

why would a player getting a bonus on a slot machine, such as raindance, be denied his due number of free spins because a "cap" was reached during a bonus?

aren't the bonus spins random, INDIVIDUAL spins? or does an entire bonus just count as one spin that has a predetermined win amount with reel symbols displaying various collective wins until that predermined number is met?

i think people are suprised that a game would actually "cut-off" a bonus before it is finished. Apparently, this is another interesting element of real time gaming software.

i really hope someone from rtg or its casinos would take the time to address any of these questions.
What an overwhelming response, I am not sure if I can deal with all the info they have provided.:lolup:
disappointed at the lack of ANY response by ANYONE from RTG or its casinos

well, i hope everyone is doing well during these tough times.

though i don't play anymore, i still check in from time to time to see what's going on. i can see that there are still serious issues related to the rtg platform. also, one of the things i feared may be happening.

rtg (outside of the sporting bet casinos) seems to be the largest group of casinos ignoring the recent legislation. i predicted that a number of casinos would "milk" players for as much as they could before they are forced to shut down. in essence, they have nothing to gain by being "fair" or treating players well.

i predicted an increase in "big" bonuses to lure players in, but i was suprised that even the King Solomon/Geisha group may have started to use this tactic.

there are still plenty of posts regarding rtg issues, but none of them have been addressed.

an entire software platform in position to service a ton of players who still want to game online and they are acting like they could care less?

something just doesn't seem right. i hope i'm wrong because i would love to play again when things are "regulated," but i just don't understand how rtg casinos can ignore the new legislation so consistently. it really is like some part of a master plan for casinos to "go out with a bang" or rtg telling its licensees that the party will be over soon so "do whatever you want, see how low the payout can be changed..."

real time gaming and its casinos:

the forum is littered with posts about your casinos and software from many different people and players. say something....anything.

or... can we assume that rtg and its casinos are simply going to try to milk as much money as possible from everyone (since they have no where else to play) until real time gaming and most of its casinos (that rely on US players) are forced to shut down?
Im doing well

I got $200 from one RTG
I got $120 from another RTG
and Im up to $784 on the one Im playing now

Im really sorry that noone from RTG has answered any of your questions and I hope your luck changes. I like to see everyone win, honestly, but unfortunately when someone is having a real bad streak, it's because someone else is having a real good one

I went through a lousy streak last week with RTG so I went elsewhere and missed my Mister Money and came Im doing well again. Sometimes you just need a break

Good luck and Im sorry you probably came on to see some answers and just got my post. I just wanted to give you some support!
Rigged slots

If RTG had lowered the payout, or rigged the slots in some way, this would not mean that big wins would never happen, it is just as likely the extra HE would come from chipping away at some of the less noticable payouts, such as the small hits that keep you going.

The lack of an audited payout does not help RTG now that rumours are flying. Now that some casinos have taken action that seems to indicate that US players are getting short changed since their future loyalty is no longer of any value, rumours of "milking" may have some credibility after all.
thank u for your posts

To be honest, i like seeing posts about people doing well and sharing their experiences especially at rtg casinos. Please don't get me wrong. i love the rtg slot games and enjoyed playing them (win or lose) for a long time. It took something drastic (that many other players noticed) to make me stop playing them completely.

sooner or later, this legislative mess will hopefully be resolved and once it is, i would love to play again. However, it would certainly be more reassuring if casinos and software providers addressed important questions posed by their customers even if they are hard questions.

I actually never thought rtg casinos were "rigged." I believe their games work contrary to how most people expect them to work. Though they may still be "random," i believe there is a controlled randomness that only limits the players end of possible outcomes. I believe there was a player who got a bonus with the result being displayed in another window (a micro game) before his bonus even started. How was this win amount determined then? What if the bet denomination was different? Really, there are so many questions with no one addressing them that it seems like the answers could be worse than anyone thought.

why wouldn't such a big group of casinos and a big software provider not have credible audits and payout percentages? well, if a casino can change its payouts at anytime without discretion, the results would be devastating as a public record. who knows? was the fruit frenzy incident really a bug? or was it an accidental or overzealous "tightening" of a slot game? who knows?
sadly, the answer to any of the questions posed by myself and others is : who knows? of course, that could easily be changed by anyone who took the time to addtress any of these issues.

finally, if the rgt games are fair again then maybe my posts made a difference. i would love to hear stories again about fun times at rgt. The last thing i want to see is "milking" of any kind because that will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. everyone should just be a little more cautious during these times, IMHO.

Oh, and babs7262... you totally remind me of that lady playing the slots three seats down from me that cheers for everyone around her to win even if she isn't...always having fun. thank you for your sweet post. :)
why wouldn't such a big group of casinos and a big software provider not have credible audits and payout percentages? well, if a casino can change its payouts at anytime without discretion, the results would be devastating as a public record. who knows? was the fruit frenzy incident really a bug? or was it an accidental or overzealous "tightening" of a slot game? who knows?
sadly, the answer to any of the questions posed by myself and others is : who knows? of course, that could easily be changed by anyone who took the time to address any of these issues.
While I totally agree with the sentiments of your posts, what were you expecting; An RTG or casino rep to post here saying 'Yep - hands up, it's a fair cop - were HAVE reduced the pay %'s of our games!' ?

Of course that was never going to happen. Whether their silence in not denying these issues means anything is down to the individual.

Following SlotJunkie's recent run of luck, I decided to play at an RTG yesterday for the first time since early Sept. And I have to say it did seem better. Played a few slots & hit an acceptable number of bonus rounds - nothing mega, but OK.
So maybe they've switched back to 'normal' payouts, or maybe they never changed them if the first place & we were just all very unlucky. :eek2:

As you say, we'll never know...

Your quite welcome!! And your right!!!! everytime I play wheel of fortune at the casino and someone gets the "spin" I always get up and cheer for them to get the 1000 (hehe)

I can't help it, I love seeing people happy, EXCEPT that one person who slams down on the buttons becuase they arn't winning LOL Ummmmm sir? That"s why it's called gambling :)
INetBet answered a few of these questions in this post:

Bascially INetBet has not changed the slot payout% for months, and currently it was 94.8% for this year. (this is 1-2% below MG slots payout%). Since RTG information always is kept very secret (why?..), I really appreciate this honesty from INetBet.

But of course while MG slot payout% are fixed(same slot always have same payout%) and the same for all casinos and can not be changed, this is not the case for RTG casino. And from my experience I actually believe InetBet has better payout% than most other RTG casinos I have tried (those with good bonuses). So you never know what you get when playing RTG slots. Not even if it is the same slot, but from different casinos. Several people, including me, believe this hurts the RTG brand.

But the point is that RTG should publish their slot payout% every month like MG casinos. Since they dont, maybe they have something to hide?

i think i have to agree that some rtg's seem to definitely rise above the rest. Inet and Bodog's still seem to have some of the best customer service in the business. Though Bodog's was my favorite, i didn't stop playing there because i had a "bad streak" for a whole month. it was actually because of an insulting $5 comp after playing some serious playthrough and being ahead a few bucks when i decided to quit. their comp system doesn't reward play, only loss (then the comp is pretty good.)

i would actually still recommend Bodog to people because their reputation IMO is still solid, but the issues may be more with the software and smaller casinos. (though many people did experience the payout dip at Inet and Bodog too.)

i think published, audited payout %'s would seriously help rtg's reputation. though it may hurt a lot of the smaller rtg casinos, at least the big ones may have more validity and sites like inet and bodog could lead the way.

i think it will always be bad for rtg that players may feel payouts go up and down depending on what the casino feels like that day. players will always question those "updates" on signing in. huge bonuses will make players suspicious at rtg casinos and for good reason.

these things are easy to address and fix, but im worrying that there just is not any incentive for the time being. but i also think that if casinos like inet and bodog still work hard to keep players happy through these hard times, they will have proven themselves to be the best. i mean, if they don't set a standard for rtg, who will?

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