"Real" shuffling for blackjack?


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Oct 22, 2001
Does anyone know of an online blackjack game known to shuffle in a way comparable to the live casino game? I'm annoyed at sites that give no indication of how many decks per shoe their simulations play, and/or no indication within the game of when shuffling is happening. I'm equally surprised when I find a site that openly states that they shuffle after each hand. This completely changes the strategy of playing the game.

To date the only online casino I've found that shows shuffling is RomanCasino.com. But I haven't seen anything (positive or negative) to indicate whether they're on the up and up.
All cryptologic casinos have some penetration and very clearly shows when they shuffle.

I don't recall the number of decks off hand, but I'm pretty sure that you can find out by either checking a crypto casinos homepage out, or asking their CS.

Examples of Crypto casinos:
Intercasino, The Sands, Omni Casino, Kiwi.

Their web addresses are simply the above name with omni and kiwi having a trailing "casino" (ie. kiwicasino.com)
I've played Sands, at least offline, and I've never seen an indication of a shuffle. Their online info says that they use 8 decks, and that the used cards shuffled back in after "each game", which I take to mean each hand.

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