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Mar 11, 2009
New York
Received this email today from Real Deal Poker. Apparently they are going online in February 2010. No RNG, dealing real cards from a shuffle machine each hand. Hope it turns out to be good. By the way I have nothing to do with nor am I promoting anything here. Been following this site and its claims for a while. I personally like what I see and only hope it's what it says it'll be.

Dear Fellow Poker Players

We are delighted to announce a unique milestone in the history of and refer you to the public press release at the foot of this newsletter.

We are also pleased to announce to you today the launch of a new holding site at This site will be in place until our go live date and reflects the look and feel of as we go forward and we hope that you like the way that our product is presented in the market.

Of course we have also implemented our new strap line A Cut Above the Rest further to our recent strap line competition (now closed) details of the winner are on the new site in Latest News.

You will also notice on the new site a revised Sign Up form that is different to the one on the existing site. Please note that we have your details and so there is no need to re-sign up on the new sheet unless you wish to also reserve a preferred Screen Name for when we go live.

We will confirm back to you whether your chosen Screen Name is available and if it is then we will reserve it for you now! Please encourage your friends and fellow players to sign up at and we look forward to keeping you posted on our actual launch date which is scheduled for February 2010.

We hope that you share our excitement about this truly historic event in the world of poker online and thank you for your continued support!

Kind regards
Gene Gioia


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Dec 2, 2001
There is one similar site already live who use LIVE dealers, for cash games that is. Tournaments are being played using rng.
and no, im not promoting them. They are new, and quite small at the moment.