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re: XXLclub casino disappears with players' money!

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by cerdikola, Aug 7, 2009.

    Aug 7, 2009
  1. cerdikola

    cerdikola Low Roller

    And finally, XXL dissappeared with players' money.

    Sounds funny since I took my money out before this happened xD

    It's unacceptable that Playtech allow this kind of operations, I think they have the best software and I enjoy it. But their operators are living the dream..
  2. Aug 7, 2009
  3. me_and_ed

    me_and_ed Ueber Meister CAG MM

    Selling out
    1.5yrs old????
  4. Aug 7, 2009
  5. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    Good call, splitting this off into it's own thread.

    cerdikola, when a thread is really old like XXLclub casino disappears with players' money! is you are better off starting a new thread for your issue. Nobody likes to see an ancient thread come back unless you are adding something *important* to the original discussion. Just doing it to say "Me too!" is bad forum practice.
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  6. Aug 7, 2009
  7. Pinababy69

    Pinababy69 RIP Lisa

    Toronto, Ontario - Canada
    So does this mean that XXL Club has flown the coop and is no longer in operation at all? Even though the rep was on here in that other thread assuring players that all was fine? I wonder how many people were affected? Any PAB's Max on this one? And anyone know exactly when they shut down?
  8. Aug 7, 2009
  9. cerdikola

    cerdikola Low Roller

    Sorry for the "bad practice" but I haven't logged in for a long time xD

    I didn't know that XXL Club dissapeared, it used to be my preferred casino, they were working in a poker room and a land based casino and the CM was very active in the forum.

    You can't trust nobody..
  10. Aug 17, 2009
  11. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    To think I offended the rep when I mentioned that their pattern was looking like they were on the way to going bust. The rep then spent months pretending it was some kind of Russian Law, and that all would be fine in a few months time.

    This is becoming something of a habit with Playtech. A casino starts to slow down and stall payments; someone says the obvious here, a rep turns up to promise all is well with the business, and later they disappear (go bust). Playtech just do nothing, it is clear they do NOT do any vetting of their licensees (other than perhaps their ability to pay the fees to Playtech), nor keep an eye on how well they are covering their liabilities. Given that Playtech is listed on the London stock exchange, this performance is beyond abysmal.

    With the surge in credible RTG operators, it is looking like Playtech will steal the crown for the dodgiest software for players to trust with their money.

    I have shunned Playtech for a couple of years now, and things seem to be getting even WORSE, not better. Even flagship brands such as William Hill have caused problems, and this should never have been the case.

    In future, ANY Playtech casino that appears to be stalling payments, which means anything from taking longer than usual, to pulling "stunts" to deny winnings, should be one that players avoid leaving large balances in, or making large deposits into - despite what is offered in bonuses.

    The only Playtech casinos worthy of trust are those that have been accepted into the accredited list.

    The lack of coherent global regulation is what allows these operators to get away with it, and so long as Playtech are prepared to look the other way when their operators are going under, with no regard to the protection of players' funds, we should not trust Playtech powered casinos as we might Microgaming, who are at least more proactive when they hear of one of their operators being in financial difficulties, even when they act too late in some cases (I am thinking of the TUSK poker scandal, a considerable shock to players' trust in Microgaming).
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  12. Aug 19, 2009
  13. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    No idea what was up with them. They were a strange bunch with the Aff manager maintaining a high profile in the forum - then *poof* he's gone. And then that was pretty much it. Playtech contacted me in April 2008 saying they were looking into the apparent loss of communications.

    No PABs to speak of which is odd. Perhaps their player base wasn't as big as we'd expect.
  14. Sep 3, 2009
  15. hakapuku

    hakapuku Banned User - repeated violations of rule 1.14 (tr

    hehehehe.... sometimes reading this website makes me laugh for hours!
    "apparent loss of communication"!!! for 1 and a half years!!! hehehe...and all this time XXL club casino was sucking in the player's money under the shield of "reputable software provider's casino" !!! What kind of communication did these Playtech guys use? Did they put a bottle with the letter to XXL club management into the Mediteranean sea? Or may be that was a Pacific ocean?

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