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Hello community!

After my journey in finding the thruth about slotmachines and the way they work, I am convinced the slots in casinos work the way as explained in different articles of American Casino Guide, WizardofOdds and more sources and that every outcome of a spin is random, generated by a RNG the moment you spin the reels.

Now I dó have my doubts if this is true for ALL slotmachines. I am from Europe, I don´t know how it is in the US, but here in almost every bar, snackbar and other public places you can find slots, but those slots are very different as the ones you will find in the casinos.

In the Netherlands, for example, and for sure in more countries there are the typical slots like: Random Runner, Jolly Joker, Oldtimer, Twintimer, Club Runner, and dozens more of this kind.

The reason why I doubt these slots work the same way as the ones in the casino, is based on my experiences with these slots (I played them A LOT), my conversations with owners and workers of gambling halls (small types of casinos, but just offering these kind of slots) ánd the fact it simply was really worth it, observing players playing slots very well, to jump in on the right moment to increase your chances.

The insiders of such gambling halls, had different explanations on how about these slots work, but they had all in common, there is a given cylus in these slots. The looser slots have a small cyclus, where you can expect it is hard to have an extreme long bad run. The tighter slots are the interesting ones. They can eat a lot of your money, but give ridiculous prices.

I always believed this theory on these slots, and to be honest, I stilldo. When you are an experienced player, you get a good picture on the way slots behave. I don´t say, a jackpot (on those slots mostly 200 credits) can´t fall 2 times in a row, neither do I say these slots will definately eat your money after it paid out big, but on quite a short term (this term is different from slot to slot), you can expect them to pay out if it did clean out somebodies wallet before.

In Spain I also played the bar and gambling-hall slots a lot. These are also different then the ones in the casinos. And really, the way they spin is so obvious they are programmed. It aslo dóes remember your past results. You can expect a positive outcome very soon if you gambled a price away for points, and can expect it will not give it to you f you took it instead of gambling it away.
When a price is given you have the option to take the prize or gamble it. When you try to double up, but you don´t succeed, you will receive points, which you can use for the bonus play. Most of the times, this is a game with 3 other reels on the slot, where prices are higher.

When you play those spanish slots for a while, it is so very obvious what the slot is planning to do, especially the ones in Spain. It is almost a joke they are programmed this way, it doesn´t even intend to give you some feeling of randomness.

Slots like in Holland and Germany give you more the impression of randomness, but I am still convinced it is really going through his programmed cycle in one or another way.

Now, I don´t claim my/this theory to be true. But I am pretty sure, people who know these slots and play them quite often, will have, at least, the same doubts about their randomness.

Is there somebody on this forum who knows if I am right about this, ór have other information how these kind of slots work?

I added some pics of the slots I am talking about.

Thanks in advance!

This is the well known Random Runner

Jolly Joker

Club 2000

Spanish machine


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I'm no expert, but I expect you are correct, as these seem to be "fruities" or AWP (amusement with prizes) slots. Some of our members are much more familiar than I am with them.

There are some fruit machines online... MG has quite a number of them, labelled as such. There are usually more on the flash versions than download client.


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Yes, you have shown examples of mechanical AWP slots plus higher jackpot 'club' versions of the same. The slots you show are COMPENSATED which means either they pay out in a sequence or outcomes are influenced by previous play. This is because they are programmed to meet their RTP or percentage payouts over a very short period of plays compared to random online slots. This why you can tell when your slots are about to pay out, or when they can't.
The slots you show pay in cycles, and with a bit of knowledge will often have 'forces' whereby you can chuck away small wins repeatedly to trigger a large payout if the machine is 'showing'.


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Thanks for the useful fast answers. Didn´t expect that :)

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Now I do have my doubts if this is true for ALL slotmachines. I am from Europe, I don´t know how it is in the US, but here in almost every bar, snackbar and other public places you can find slots, but those slots are very different as the ones you will find in the casinos.
You are correct - not all slots work the same way.
Even within the same software brand (e.g. MicroGaming or NetEnt) you will find their slots work 3 or more different ways.
Real physical slots with actual reels (like in your pictures) work differently again.
They are all random to an extent, but some are more random than others, if that makes any sense!

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These kinds of slots are definitely NOT Random.

I knew a fellow here in the states who made his fortune on placing these things in bars. He was always staying one step ahead of the law since they are not legal in Texas or most other states.

They are more like State Lottery Video Poker Terminals. The odds overall are horrendous. Basically they are like "Pull Tabs" at bingo parlors.

State Lottery owned Video Poker machines are the same. They are programmed to pay out a certain number of payouts over a given period of time so as to ALWAYS ensure a hefty house advantage you would never find in a real casino--Brick and Mortar or Online.


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I dó remember they are very easy to set to a higher or lower percentage. I believe in Holland the minimum allowed percentage is 80%, giving the house an edge of 20%

They were horrible to play, although I have to say, it was worth it to keep a close look on those slots and the players on it, to jump in at the right moment and increase your EV.
A Random Runner but especially the newer ones, which were ¨hot¨ could give you ridiculous prices.