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Feb 23, 2005
Can someone point me to good multiplayer software that includes a decent RNG and a high enough number of members that there's always a game on? I've had too many experiences (validated by everyone I've talked to who has played the software) regarding Prima's "bad beat every hand" philosophy. Pokerstars is much better, but the number generator seems to me to "favor" certain face-value cards in certain positions on the board (I know I can profit from it... but where's the fun in that?). I've benefited as much as I've suffered from non-random play, but I'd still like to find a game based more on the odds.

I seriously doubt Prima or Poker Stars juices the cards. What benefit do they get and wouldnt it have been exposed by now? I've never thought for a second any of the big rooms are juiced. As a matter of fact someone did a study on Party's RNG and it was about as perfect as could be. You will get bad beat online, peope play bad and the hands go 3 times as fast. Eventually you will see it all.
This topic is old news.

I guess you play in the lower limits, lots of callers, callers who will call anything etc

It's just part of the game, that 96os that someone cold called 3 on the flop sometimes turns into two pair on the river :>.

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