Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix *beware*


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Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan
Hey guys,

Anyway playing this slot?
I liked it from the start and had some really handsome hits on it but last week I had a session on €2.00 spins and all of a sudden no more bonusses could be hit by the slot.
Got loads of FS rounds and even once the 3 silver pots for a 300x bet on €1.00.
Balance shot up to €700.00 in no time from €100.00.

But like I said,once I upped my bet it went stone stone stone cold.

So beware,know when to quit on this slot. ;););)

Still love this slot,I think it is better than the original one because of the choice of bonusses.

Same with Barking Mad (Also Barcrest),can give some very good wins but once upping the bet it goes all bad. :cool:

Barcrest has only 95% ish RTP on their slots I believe?


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May 14, 2015
United Kingdom
No Bonus Games For Me Yet

I've played it a few times but I can't seem to trigger any of the bonus games ?! :eek: I've even tried with only one of the bonus games and still can't trigger them :(

I'm sure it will come soon enough but I like way too many games to just stay on this one and not trigger any feature :p


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Apr 24, 2010
I played it couple of times and as @lotusch said it can pay well, but also you can play 100 rounds without significant win or even any bonus round. My best win was 500x bet on €0.20 and over 50 FS which has paid me 200x bet.
I love it more than original cause it has nice concept, but sometimes when it's cold it doesn't make any diference what mix do you choose :).


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Mar 4, 2008
playing the BB , is just a ripoff considering you can spin it for £30 quid a pop , yes you can trigger the bonus , but check out your stakes in free rounds its like 60p or something , so in effect for not getting the feature & having 5 spins these are pulled down , to less than £6 per= £30 , that's a con.

just played it & the monopoly one as this weekend , i bet £3 & £ 5 stakes all the way , the moment it was spinning a fiver a pop nothing just the odd 50 quid win , busted out over £500 down , tried it again after some roulette wins , dropped the stake to £3 bang 100x bet exactly £300 , put it back to £5 & yes you guessed it bust out .