Your Input Please Ragnarok fall of odin rtp varies per bonus round unlocked ?

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Feb 22, 2013
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found this over at unibet which i hadnt been on for a while, havent played for real money but just played it through in free play to unlock the bonus rounds, then checked the helpfile to see if there was any mention of rtp, it seemed quite low variance given my balance didnt move £100 above or beyond the starting balance (£1.25 spins)

and the trtp is stated as increasing as you unlock each bonus round,


is that even allowed to have a game that requires you to unlock it to get the best rtp? it took maybe 1000+ spins for me to unlock the 3rd bonus round. looked like a decent wagering machine but im a little more hesistant in that you have to feed it first to get the proper rtp..


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Jun 3, 2013
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Hmmm interesting.
I haven't come across a slot yet with multiple RTP settings.
So basicly as an incentive you get an increased RTP % if you play the slot up until level 3 and thus have to spend quite some spins on it to get that far. :cool:
Weird but hey I assume it is legal otherwise a big crowd like Unibet would not offer this slot.


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Jun 19, 2009
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The 3 rtp settings could be looked at 3 games in one I suppose each one with its own rtp. It looks like a nice game graphics wise although I couldn't see the paytable but I could be looking in the wrong place. Also I see that the red dots tell you how far you are progress and you get one after each feature. You can also get them at random as far as I can tell. I dunno about this game. It would be more attractive if the RTP was set to 96 upwards to 98 but that is my opinion.