Raging Bull - Not a Bear


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Sep 26, 2004
With the turmoil in world stock markets recently its arguable that there are more bears than bulls but Raging Bull is truly a bull and a breath of fresh air so far as RTG casinos are concerned.

I was having a nap after a hard day at work when Dean of Raging Bull phoned me. He wanted to perform a verification with me over the phone. They had already received my documents a couple of weeks ago and my first withdrawal was successfully processed.

During our conversation he mentioned that I seemed to like playing with bonuses. Uh-oh! Was he taking the opportunity to curtail my bonuses? Nothing of the sort. He told me he will personally place in the cashier for me a structured bonus where I could get 75% bonuses on my first 2 deposits each day. This is a far cry from some casinos who give you the impression that you are trying to take advantage of them by taking bonuses. My brush with Inetbet a few years ago still leave a bad taste in my mouth. They sent me an unpleasant email informing me they are curtailing my bonuses till I showed some sincerity by depositing without bonuses a few times. Oh! The rotten cheek. They could simply have made the bonuses uncashable for me or slapped me with a higher playthrough requirement. IMO they try to trap players by not using the RTG facility that makes certain games unplayable through blockage. If, even by accident, a player plays an excluded slot they void your winnings or at least give you an unpleasant experience.

Back to the Bull. Other than offering me the structured bonus I told Dean I wasnt happy with the cashier because though I deposited via Ecopayz in USD I had to first state the amount in AUD or CAD and let Ecopayz convert in to USD. Other than it being a hassle I lose out on currency conversion fees. Its been only a couple of hours since Dean phoned but I understand the problem has been fixed and I can directly deposit by Ecopayz in USD.

I would suggest to other player who like to play with bonuses to contact Rafing Bull support and enquire whether they can have some bonuses tailor-made for you according to your play.

@Raging Bull - Keep up the good work.


Apr 8, 2014
I like raging bull and their big bonuses, however the max win with a bonus is what setts me off. I have not won nearly enough for a withdrawal yet, but if i were to get lucky and hit big only to not be able to withdraw it all.. :mad:


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Mar 21, 2012
I like the site, I only have small deposit and take out bonus, Had a deposit this morning but as per I bust out,

I do not know where he is coming from with that 75% bonus, I have at least 77% bonus daily if wanted & some up to ten times,
Friday, Sat, Sun, have a big bonus and can use all 3 each day, Min is 200% and 10 free spins,


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Jul 30, 2014
Thanks for sharing your experience chuchu. I can only concur. I also had a nice chat with Dean on my mobile prior to my first withdrawal. I told him that they have quite a good reputation here and if they keep up there good efforts they will attract many returning players.
They where also quite quick with their payment. It took less than 2 days to hit my ewallet. Withdrawal was made on a weekend and KYC was necessary.
For a RTG casino they are really good. :thumbsup:

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