Raging Bull big win


Hi all,

I have won quite a large amount on Raging Bull. I have heard a lot of bad stuff about this casino as I have further researched it.

I am wondering what I should do in making sure I get paid. My documents have been verified and I am waiting on the withdrawal process.

If anyone knows what I should do or if anyone is in a position to help me make sure I get my pay out that would be fantastic.


The Viking

Ueber Meister
when did you withdraw ? if you only just then i wait a couple of days, or not just seen on there homepage they offer instant withdrawals ?so maybe give them a mail
asking what the hold up is
but searching on this forum i see some having probs getting paid
im not a member there so perhaps someone else knows more


WebMeister & Slotaholic..
This casino is ultimately owned by the Gambling Wages Group (Virtual casino et al) - notorious in the past for taking weeks, rather than days to pay people.
However, I was assured by their rep that they are managed separately and DON'T employ these stalling tactics on cash-outs.

Time will tell - hope the OP keeps us updated on the progress.



I withdrew yesterday but this is only after taking over a week to get my documents all sorted. They said I should start receiving my winnings next week and then on so it is looking good.

I will keep the progress up to date on this thread as there is not much information on Raging Bull and no one is really sure how they are managed from what I can see.

Thanks for your replies.