Qustion For Anyone That Plays At 3Dice


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I used to play at 3Dice and I loved their games and support staff was the best. I never had the chance to cash out but the games were great to play just the same. The reason I stopped playing their were the methods of deposit. They were very limited and really a pain in the butt. They cost a percentage of what you wanted to deposit and made me feel like I had to jump through hoops to get it done as the options would change. My question is have the deposit options changed and is it any easier? I really liked the games and would like to play there again.


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As above, Pasteandpay is a great easy option with no fees, it is the only way to deposit at 3Dice from the US


Also would recommend pasteandpay... it really is the only way you should deposit there. Super easy and no fees.

I've been getting killed at 3Dice lately after I hit pretty big a few months ago... hopefully you get some good luck there :)


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They added the option for Paste and Pay as a method of payment not too long ago and it is a very easy way to make a deposit. I happened to be able to cash out $1700 from winning free money ($100) which I won from a free tournament for VIP members so depositing players get great perks. The withdrawal process is super quick and the support staff there is wonderful. I got the money deposited into my bank account within 48 hours and the withdrawal was requested on a weekend. Good luck to you! =)