Be Aware QuickTender- Use My Wallet


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
QuickTender is continuing to take deposits even though there is no current withdrawal option. There are a number of sites that are still accepting Quicktender as a deposit option. If you want to play at those sites, and do not expect to need to withdraw money from your wallet, then it remains a relatively safe option to deposit.

If your chosen site offers a separate withdrawal option for these deposits, so much the better. I've been told that Quicktender is working to restore a withdrawal option, which I hope will happen soon. The management of the company have assured me of their intentions, but given the issues in the US it may be difficult.

In essence, Quicktender works well as a deposit option on supported sites, but I would urge you not to consider keeping significant balances on your wallet until withdrawals are supported. Please contact your casino support before making any of these deposits for further clarification and/or assistance.