quicktender continual delays in processing wire transfers


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Jan 13, 2006
Has anyone else noticed that it is taking Quicktender longer to processor wiretransfers.

While some are still received by my bank within 3 days of my request. The majority are starting to take upto five days and counting to reach my bank once shown as "confirmed".

also, I have noticed that when it says "ordered" it is no longer shown as processed the following day as in the past. I have one shown as Ordered for 3 days now.

This is getting bad and their response to my questions are uninformative, as usual.

With no way to phone them I am starting to believe if another way to transfer are winnings does not come along soon, I quit.:mad:


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Oct 26, 2007
Yes, I have noticed also footdr!

The ordered and confirmed process seems to be taking the same amount of time but the time it takes the funds to reach my bank account seems to be longer.

When I requested my very first transfer out of QT a while back, I received the confirmation email stating the funds were sent and to allow 3-5 business days to reach my account. Well, that first one reached my account the very next day. That was a nice surprise for me. :)

This has been the case for all my transfers with one exception. I figured it was due to the amount of the transfer because it was much larger than most of my past transfers.

As we speak, I am waiting for another transfer to be deposited into my bank account for which I received the confirmation email last Thursday. I am on the 3rd business day now and according to the email it takes 3-5 days to reach my bank. I can't complain yet but from comparing to past transfers, yes I have noticed it's taking longer.