Quicktender "Cancel" pending wiretransfer error


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Jan 13, 2006
Thought I would post this just to show how CS twists the information they provide.

I tried to reverse my pending wiretransfer yestersay 5/14 to get alittle to play with this weekend.

I received an error message and contacted chat and was total Tech Team working on it should be fixed soon.

Today, problem still existed so contacted chat again. What a bunch of bull.

You are now chatting with QuickTender Live Support

QuickTender Live Support: Welcome to QuickTender Live Support, you are chatting with Victoria. How can I help you?

: they seem to not have fixed the gliche in "cancel wiretransfer"
: how hard is to fix?
: it has been quite awhile now
QuickTender Live Support: Please wait a few moments; I’ll look into this for you.
: error message says The amount of submit transaction is not equal to the amount of the Parent Trx
QuickTender Live Support: Our Technical Team is working on getting it fixed. In the meantime, I can register your issue and our banking Team will cancel your withdrawal manually on Monday.
: it appears the program cannot cancel the 30.00 wiretransfer fee so it can't cancel the pending wiretransfer because the amount is 30.00 different. i.e. 500.00 pending wiretransfer but uncleared balance is 530.00
: no because by monday I will want to transfer the funds. So that doesn't help me this weekend,
: This would appear to be a simple problem.
QuickTender Live Support: We are sincerely sorry for all the inconveniences this may have caused.
: I am no expert but
QuickTender Live Support: Unfortunately, this can be fixed by our Technival Team only and they are still working on it. : technical team needs to correct the parameters so that "cancel"equals the pending wiretransfer plus the 30.00 fee.
: hopefully they have identified the problem as I stated above.
e: please pass this chat on to them as it might be useful to them.
: since they don't normally conduct these transactions, it especially may be useful to receive information I stated above to help them fix the parameter in error
: can you please do that
QuickTender Live Support: Unfortunately, they will be in the office tomorrow morning only.:

I see, so they are not presently working on the problem after all
: I assumed that was the case as this is not a difficult issue to correct
: thanks anyway.

So it took numerous questioning to find out they are not working on the issue at present. Guess not a top priority as they make more when you deposit to your account, and make nothing if you cancel your transfer and use the money in your account!