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How the hell do you withdraw back to your credit card at this place??? I deposited 100 bucks and lost all of it playing perfect strat BJ in about 10 minutes, losing 80 percent of my hands!!! I got a 50 buck bonus and was lucky to make another 25. Figured I'd cut the 25 dollar loss and get out. Nope, the software won't let me cash out less than 250 dollars using overnight express :( The other cashout options do not apply. So, how the hell do I get my 75 bucks credited back? I tried to e-mail support and I don't think they understand what I'm talking about. Any answers appreciated. Later.

the cashin screens only offer the non cc refund options however if you choose either of them and your cashin is less than total amounts deposited from a cc they automatically do a cc credit back- of course I am assuming you deposit was from a cc and not money gram,bankwire or such.

It is a little unclear from the info above but I am wondering (given your lucky to make another 25 comment)if you played the required amount to cash out winnings on the bonus and whether that is the problem.

Colly: Thanks for the response. I have fulfilled all my wagering requirements according to the support staff. What they told me to do is open a Neteller account. Apparently, this is the ONLY way to get my card refunded, which is ridiculous IMO!!!
If I deposit by CC, there should be an option to withdraw back to CC without having to open up additional Neteller accounts. Or, that should be clearly stated on the QuickSilver web page, which it is NOT. I do understand that my deposit will be credited back to my card when I withdraw, but there is NO option to do so under 250 dollars but Neteller. As I have said, the minimum withdrawal by overnight draft is 250 dollars so I could not use that, I cannot have it wired (min. 1000), or Western Union (min. 250), and as of right now I have no Neteller account which is the ONLY option that allows a withdrawal of less than 250 bucks.
I've played plenty of RTG casinos, and have never encountered anything like this.
Well, I'm off to Neteller.com to open an account so I can withdraw my $$$ to my credit card. STUPID. Thanks Colly.

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