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Jan 6, 2006
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I found out around a week ago that UltimateBet have a technical fault that results in them not tracking signups from Firefox browsers. This means as many as many as 20% of signups not being credited.

What really stinks here is that it seems UB were fully aware of this problem yet didn't see fit to tell affiliates about, or even attempt to fix the problem until the issue was made public very recently:

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Were you aware of this issue before this came to light Brian?

Anyway, it seems they are on the case now and the issue will be corrected in the near future.
I really don't think UB stands alone in this - I would bet that there are lots of programs that have the identical problem.

These are my stats for this month:

Internet Explorer 85.7 %
Firefox 6.3 %
Netscape 4.2 %
Unknown 1.6 %
Opera 0.7 %
Safari 0.5 %
Mozilla 0.4 %
WebTV 0.1 %
Links 0 %
Konqueror 0 %
Others 0 %

There have been months when Firefox was up to 15%, but it's been going down lately.
Dominique is 100% right, many programs that rely on cookies for tracking have issues with Firefox. Some affiliate sites will even go so far as to say "Please use IE on this site" due to this problem.

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