Feedback Quick 'Member Status' query please :)


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Just a quickie please peeps.

Been a member a while now and feel I have learnt a lot from you guys n gals and also like to feel I've contributed back where possible :)

My query isn't of major importance but is bugging me a little...

When does a 'full member' become an 'experienced member' for example or the other 'sub titles' I've noticed under members names.

Also do the rep power / points have any impact on what other members 'think of what you put' etc



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click on FAQ at top of page. Then scroll down and click on membership permissions. Should give you most of the info you need.


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I don't remember how or where in the settings/profile I did it, but when I reached Ueber Meister Member I changed it to Ueber Meister Mouse. I thought it a little less pretentious. LOL I also don't know how 'old' we have to be (forum status wise) to edit those things. Been here forever but still suffer from CRS.