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Aug 7, 2005
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First post here... sorry if this has been discussed before.

I saw the link to the UK Casino Club's 125 bonus and read their T&C for this. This is my first sticky bonus... so I am not sure if I have read this right or not and have some questions.

1) Per the T&C, it would seem that there is no WR on the Bonus Account... is that right? Having said that... on their page explaining what the Bonus account is, they mention a 10x/20x WR. Which is it?

2) There is a 15x/45x WR for the regular account... which covers the initial deposit... and any winnings transferred from the bonus account to the regular one. I assume then that is it best to get the WR for the regular account completed first prior to transferring any winnings from the bonus account over?

Thanks in advance,

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1.bonus account 15x for slots only play and 45x if you play anything else(vegas strip,craps and baccarat excluded)

2.real account same requirements for deposit + transfers from bonus account

Its doable but not realy worth the hastle and time involved
You also need to be up 50 in the bonus account after meeting the wr before you can transfer - i.e. if you've got 175+ in the bonus account you can transfer 50+. The 125 remains and then you can keep trying to get to 175 and transfer more.

You're probably better off playing the bonus account first. Then if you do transfer anything you've got more of a buffer to avoid going bust in the real account - you'll still have to wager 15 x deposit+transferred amount in the real account, whichever way you go about it (i.e. you can't "get the WR completed" just on your deposit & then not wager what you transfer).

Not for the faint-hearted, casino bonuses ;)
The UK Casino Club casino is reviewed at Casinomeister.

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