Questions for Pragmatic Play and using Streamers


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Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
I wonder whats the deal with this Stake dot com casino ? Why all these fucking yelling idiots play there ? Whats the deal with those ridicilous bets they do and YELL like retards.. Yelling like your foot is being amputated while someone fistfucks your eye when winning 100k monopoly money doesnt make any sense to me.
Thats exactly what it is "Monopoly money" no chance in hell any of these shite casinos would pay out such massive wins on such a regular basis. And whoever in marketing thinks its good for business to see some idiot shout OMG 1001 times when they have won a fake cash out they need to think again.

While its appreciated that Dan takes the time to respond here - Pragmatic play themselves as a company getting suckered into the whole streaming side of things with the most toxic streamers in the "industry" makes them loose all credability in my view.
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Dec 5, 2016
Thanks to Dan for the insight....

I may be wrong , but from what Dan says and reading between the lines , if the players lose money then the provider makes money .

The casinos give the streamers free money to play (100 % match bonuses , or 300% match on the crypto casinos, or money per video or stream )

The house edge (RTP) means over time the players lose . But the streamer bonuses ( and signups) mean the streamer wins or keeps themselves above water .

The casino ( house) may not have to pay the streamer much or all of any cash out, depending on their deal, but the casino still has a cost base of streamer bonuses and provider percentages.

The casino must still pay the provider ( Pragmatic or others) a percentage of loss on the game .

So if the casinos have a marketing budget , streamer costs are factored in as well as payouts to providers. If casinos have it worked out well , new customers make these expenses worthwhile. If not then they lose money and have to lower RTP and piss off their normal customers, starting a vicious cycle .

I would hazard a guess that maybe there are some terms in the provider agreements that have a lower percentage for a certain amount of time to cover “promotional activities” of new games , so that casinos are more likely to push these games to streamers to play .

I can’t see how a provider can be dodgy and keep their gaming license valid . It is not some back door promotion , streamers are out in the open for any gaming authoritiy to look at.

The provider has more to lose than any casino . BTG just sold for 450 million , not worth risking a license for .
Not many casinos are worth anywhere near that amount .

Maybe Pragmatic are getting a beating where it is the casinos promoting the excessive bets that should be first in line for the attack....