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Dec 6, 2004
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Let's say you deposit $200 at an online casino. What game do you usally play first (minus the slots only bonus) to try and make a run? How much do your bet size be? And When do you know you are gonna get that winning streak?

Also do you tend to leave your money in your playing account? I am asking because I read alot in the poker forums and a few casino forums that people try to build a bank roll. And I was wonder how does most of it turns out? Do greed and lack of discipline gets in the way? Let's says you turn $200 in $500 you think about cashing out or do you keep going? How about $1000? Do you shoot for $2000? Do you keep the same betting limits? Do you shoot at $1000 - $25 hand of blackjack or keep betting $2-$10?

You all know where im coming from. So tell me your plan. They are very interesting.

I wont cash out usualy for less than 300. Does not matter if I deposit 5 bucks or 100. I also have to have an even number to cash out.

Will not cash out at $299 , has to be $300, thats my slight OCD I think,lol

How I play depends what I am playing for. If there is a specific jackpot I am trying to hit, I go for that . If Im just killing time, I play poker , which I enjoy the most.

I wont take a bonus on a high deposit. To hard to cash out. Howver Ill take one ocasionaly on small deposits.


My OCD is worse!, at one time I would only cash out large round figures. Now I will use a round figure of 100 or even 50 on cash outs, and I will set a lower limit after a big win at which point I should stop and cash out while still having much of the big win to hand. The only remaining problem with this method is managing to notice that I have reached the point where I should cash out.
Adrenaline is also a big problem; its presence clouds the judgement. I have lost back far more of my really gargantuan winning streaks than I should have by thinking of it as free money of less value than a fresh deposit. This is often down to betting bigger, having an even bigger win, and then suddenly hitting a downward streak on those big bets.
With enough discipline, winning online should be easy, but casinos do their best to make it easy for players to forget themselves.
One great trick is a big carrot for playing longer. This can be higher status, enhanced loyalty points, or a wager tournament.
Until recently, Jackpot Factory were inept at designing profitable tournaments, sadly though, they have learnt the error of their ways and have not run a "sitting duck" wager tournament for months!

Without promotions, I tend to play certain games first to look for an early big hit. This will be VP, or 3 card poker (with pair+ sidebet). Also, some spins on good bonus slots is worthwhile. If I hit big, I will sometimes cash-out at the end of the day, or I will use the funds for an upcoming tournament.

With promotions, I will plan ahead to ensure that I have enough funding to take up the best ones. This means playing where cash-ins are processed really fast, or not playing at all with funds I know to be needed.
I have identified a small number of promotions that offer a +EV in the long term, and these are always top priority and rarely missed.
I deposit to neteller $500 and transfer $100 to casino.I play blackjack or casinowar.I try to make this $100 to $500.If I lost I deposit another $100.Generally On the secon-third or fourth deposit I am able to cashout $500.If there are enough money on my neteller account,I start with $200.

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