Question? Unclaiming a bonus @ SupremePlay


Dormant account
Has anyone not been able to unclaim a bonus when the balance is zero?

I have had an ongoing issue with Supreme Play regarding a withdrawal since Sept. I currently have a pending withdrawal of 1000.00. Im not holding my breath but I am crossing my fingers that I get it. The request was made on Monday almost a full 48 hours ago. It clearly states you can reverse the withdrawal during the first 24 hours. I questioned this and was told that it was the system.
I did not want to interfere with the withdrawal but wanted to deposit. I would have to reverse the entire 1000.00. I only wanted to play around with 150.00 and was going to use the bonus offered. Which was 150% with a 29x playthrough and max bonus of 300.00. I claimed the bonus never reversing the withdrawl. But thought about it and figured it would not be worth it because the WR of 29x would apply to the 1000 and the max bonus was only 300.00. Didnt make sense to me. So when I clicked on the unclaim bonus I got a message saying that I could not unclaim the bonus. I had already claimed it. I would need to contact customer support. I have always been able to unclaim a bonus as long as the balance is 0.00 plus I always change my mind as to if I even want to play a bonus. All done before the deposit. So I was concerned and contacted Live Chat.

info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Jennifer'
Jennifer: Hello and welcome to customer support, how may I help you today?
you: Hi Jennifer I am trying to unclaim a promotion the 150% Progressive and it wont allow me to unclaim it
you: The only method of deposit is to reverse my withdrawal and I do not choose to do that. I thought that option was only available for 24 hours
you: If I do the reversal then the wait time resets to the current time if I continue the withdrawal
Jennifer: you cannot cancel a promotion you have clamed
you: I have done it in the past and if that is so why is there a button that says UNCLAIM
you: I did not deposit anything my balance is still 0
you: When can I use the unclaim option.
you: I am just trying to understand the rules.
Jennifer: a player cannot unclaim a promotion
Jennifer: if you want i can unclaim it for yo
you: please do
Jennifer: done
you: I have never Not been able to unclaim a bonus before. That is new to me. Can you pplease tell me when the option can be used
you: since it is available
you: I do not understand why the option is there if not able to be used
Jennifer: i dont know why but i will email your account manager about it
you: Or does a player have to go to customer service each time
you: suppose I changed my mind and wanted to choose another whould the proprer procedure be to unclaim the promotion and then go through support to have it unclaimed. I just want to be clear on the terms
Jennifer: on this time i only completed the promotion for you because you hadn't wagered at all yet and your balance was on
Jennifer: 0
you: I understand that is why I thought I cuould unclaim it
you: but you are telling me that players cannot do this
you: I just want to be clear on the correct procedure to unclaim a promotion can you help me understand how the option is supposed to be used
Jennifer: yes if you want to unclaim a promotion it is better for you to come to the chat
Jennifer: to my knowing it is currently not possible for a player to unclaim his promotion himself
you: You said better for me to come to chat but if I cant unclaim it then this is the proper procedure
you: Well I have not had this experience before. I have always been able to click on unclaim and unclaim it without going through chat. Of course the balance was always at zero.
you: I ve always claimed the bonus first then deposit. That is correct right
Jennifer: yes you always need to claim the promotion before depositing
you: Okay well this is a first for me. Also I thought that the option to reverse a withdrawl was only available for 24 hours
you: The reason I unclaimed the bonus was for two reasons first I did not think my deposit would qualify according to your terms and conditions of the deposit
you: second it i did not want a 300.00 bonus on 1000.00 if the deposit was allowed
you: that is the reason why I thought that i was not able to unclaim the bonus. If I had claimed it i would be required to playthrough 29x my 1000 deposit plus the bonus
you: That would not be smart on my part if I did not intend to play with the whole 1000
you: Thank you for unclaiming the bonus.
you: can you tell me about the 24 hour
you: it clearly says you can reverse it during the first 24 hours
you: it has been almost 48 surprised to see it still there
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Jennifer: yes this is just a problem with the system
you: Hello I hope I am not overwhelming you with my curiousity. Its not my intentions I apologize
you: ok np
Jennifer: no dont worry its fine
you: If you cant answer at this time I can ask at alater time. I ve played at alot of casinos and the 24 hour reversal option is pretty standard this is the first time Ive seen it extended here.
Jennifer: yes i know it is just something with the system, it is not only on your account dont worry
you: When will be a good time. Or better yet I will email adam and maybe he can help me out Ok
you: Thanks Jennifer for unclaiming the promotion for me. I will just wait before depositing though. You have a great day okay
Jennifer: yes no problem have a great day
you: ok