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I did not see a forum section for webmasters so I am posting it here,if there was indeed a webmaster section I apologize.
I am a true meister,and only promoting the best of casinos that is also my prop,to promote trust worthy casinos with the best bonus system in the business.32 red must come to mind when thinking of everything good they stand for all combined,they are so legit they shine white light or wait red light,if there was a light in casino business they would shine the brightest :)
Anyways I am now a 32red affiliate and have their banners on my website my question is,since I bought a domain named from I need to use their website designer that sucks for noobs,anyone know if I need to use their crappy page designer,website tonight...and it seems everything costs money there,the domain cost me 2$ :) pretty good for a name like that...the .info ruins it all but it's just a test site sort of.

If a webmaster could get in touch by private message I would greatly appreciate it!I am a total newbie


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Sorry dude it's one of those hazy mornings if you catch what I'm saying and if anyone knows about hazy mornings Bryan it has to be you :)


If you purchased a domain name at GoDaddy, it doesn't mean that you must use its website designer. Just buy a hosting, and use your own design. Godaddy offers a free hosting for each domain name you buy, but you see that it's not so good because Godaddy show its adds.


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Aksana I think what he's trying to say is he has no clue how to design a web page.

I think he's asking for one of us to help him.