Question to the experienced DoA Players


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Mar 4, 2019
I will post the proper screenshots after as I am a not to good on the net.the fact being I hit the wildline 2 in 6 weeks it could be 4 weeks I will check.also it was on the same site .the first one payed 680 dollars for 9 cents.can you imagine when I cashed that out but went back to doa2 and I hit the wildline again but this was different for 9 cents it payed just under 2.5k dollars the last 3 spins were 300+ dollars. I have it recorded so if I can post it I will.small stakes and farm it that's how I get my wildlines.I put a limit on my deposit 20 or 30 dollars (888)American. This way I enjoy and not losing my shirt. Even when my balance was above 2.5k I still bet min call me tight I would say with age comes wisdom.small stake do pay View attachment 113206 View attachment 113205
I'm with you, small stakes and enjoy the game. A big win will still be a big win but you don't have to have a 30 minute sulk after its wiped you out if you didn't spend that much and it lasted a long time