Question on verification - Redbet


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Aug 22, 2017
Redbet were one of the only casinos I e joined where they WOULDNT let me even deposit until I was verified, which tbf is very rare.

However as mentioned in one of my previous replies in this thread, after a few withdrawals and deposits, when it came to withdrawing just £300 apparently I wasn’t verified and they bounced the funds back. They then took about 3 days to verify the new document they requested before they processing the withdrawal a day later. Delay tactics?????? It’s only a small amount of money.

After this I didn’t deposit for months.

Then just recently I had a pop. Took me more than 2 weeks to get a £500 withdrawal. ‘Technical issues’ apparently but once again funds bounced back into account on 2 occasions.

Never ever had a problem like this nonsense with videoslots or skybet. Or anywhere else for that matter.

You want to feel safe when depositing and withdrawing at casinos and at redbet I’m always slightly concerned but on each occasion I’ve got my money eventually.

I’m sure if the OP had waited he would of got his also. A shame.