question on cost and effects


of casino advertisement,larger than average promos , affiliates programs ,etc?? what money effects do these things have on the desired
rtp requested by over active casino's to the setting of rtp reflecting any of the aforementioned activities

proviso im not going after aff's here im just looking to get info on advertising costs vs affect on payouts


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I wouldnt think it would have any effect.Whether 100 or 10,000 players played, I don't see how that affects the RTP; perhaps in a single session if there were just one handful, but not over the long run. I mean, the slots are (essentially) going to produce relatively the same RTP regardless of whether a casino pumps out promos or not.


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Promotions and bonuses and advertising and fact all external processes....have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with RTP.

However, these things DO have a direct impact on profit and loss for the casino.

In fact, if an operator didn't know the TRTP of their games, they would be busted out in a week. Operators have to have a figure to work with to estimate how much their profit margins are.

Casinos who advertise more and give better promotions generally have a higher turnover, so they can afford to spend some of their profits from the games on them.