Question from an entrepreneurial gal!


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Dear Mr. CasinoMeister,

I am an entrepreneurial gal who is setting up a gambling affiliate
website! I am using dreamweaver to design my site. If you would please provide any insight as to the two following issues you WILL make my day.

1) Would you recommend I make my webpages XHTML compliant (which dreamweaver can automatically do, if I check the appropriate box in its default settings) or would you recommend I just use HTML (that is, I do not make my webpages XHTML compliant)?

2) Would you recommend I limit the colors I use to the 216 websafe colors?

Big hugs, Elbi


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Hi elbi,

thanks for the hugs :D

Anyway, I use Homesite and everything generated here is in HTML - mainly because I'm an oldtimer when it comes to webdesign, and it' ssomething I understand.

I keep all my colors as "webfriendly" colors. Hope this helps.