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Dec 6, 2004
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If/When the ban on us usa gamblers becomes law. And the majority of the casinos closes on us. Do you think that this may help or harm our US Economy? At it peak, the internet has created millions of new gamblers in the US. And we spend more money than any other country (in the billions) on online gambling. Do you think those people would then turn to going to their local casinos more often? Will Vegas and Atlantic City benefits from such a ban? For us Southerns Biloxi and New Orleans is trying to rebuild and could use the tourism. How about Hotels, and Airlines? If people are going to start traveling more and gas prices is falling. The oil company should make a decent profit, by keeping gas prices fair. Will shopping malls comeback in style? I know I blown plenty of money that could have been used elsewhere. And I felt stupid when I lost it gambling. But I also won some of the time when I needed it the most. Do we start spending more time with our families?

I think once we US online Gamblers adjust to pre-1998 periods we will be alright. Its not like we didnt have anything to do before the internet. I would like to here your inputs on this one.
If/When the ban on us usa gamblers becomes law. And the majority of the casinos closes on us. Do you think that this may help or harm our US Economy?

I don't think it could hurt. I mean there are supposedly billions of dollars flowing out of the country to online casinos and poker rooms with hardly anything coming back.

At it peak, the internet has created millions of new gamblers in the US. And we spend more money than any other country (in the billions) on online gambling. Do you think those people would then turn to going to their local casinos more often? Will Vegas and Atlantic City benefits from such a ban?

One of the big appeals of online gambling is convenience. So I think it will benefit the next most convenient form of gambling (local casinos, lotteries, more so than travel).
it will take a small bite from the revenues of broadcasters.....wish I had a nickel for every TV ad i've heard (i turn my head so i don't actually watch them)

not sure how this will play out for poker rooms? i love online poker, but I've never played live as I know I don't have a good poker face. one stock i watch has gone crazy on this news: PTEK. they make the new automated (dealer free/chip free) poker tables now at some local card rooms.
Honestly, I don't think it will benefit B&M casinos very much except from those customers who live close enough to one (and probably already visit them regularly anyway).

For me, it's simply not worth it to go to the casino unless I have at least a few hundred bucks. I'm an hour and a half away (one way) from the closest one. Online, it's nice to be able to deposit the $20 or $50 or $100 I have left after bills, but it simply would not be practical to drive a total of 3 hours to drop that same amount at a B&M casino, especially when your choices are limited to 75% payback slots or 85% payback video poker. :mad: (I don't like table games)

And the lottery tickets that range from 40% to 60% payback can go to hell and deposit themselves in Frist's anus as far as I'm concerned. :D

NOTE: Payout percentages quoted in this message are estimates only
If I had to be very honest....(ouch!)....I will probably have a bigger bank account, get more sleep and be forever bored. I love my compute at night. I love the easy access and if ya lose a few bucks just turn it off and do something else. I enjoy the casino nearby, but it is a hassel and I would only go on the weekends. I tend to spend way more at a B&M casino than online each time I go, where online I can deposit $50 and usually have a good time for an hour or more if I'm lucky. GOING to a casino if I blow $50 in an hour I would probably go to the ATM thinking "well I'm here...I might as well stay awhile."
I agree with youm Slotsjunkie. I don't live too far from Vegas and mere minutes from many Indian casinos but I've played slots 'live' only a handful of times (and was very disappointed in the play).

I like to deposit 20 or 50 at a time too, and certainly wouldn't go on a gambling junket with such a small amount in my pocket. Though I expect I'll find a creative way to get online if and when prohibition really kicks in (not giving up just yet), I would not replace this form of entertainment by going to a land based casino. I'd go back to playing solitaire or some other video game.
My personal wallet won't be affected one way or the other as I'm still playing off winnings. I haven't put my own money in NETeller, and I've had very few cashouts worth transferring to my bank.

I won't go to B&M casinos more often as Tunica and Biloxi are 6+ hours away... Pearl River (Indian Casino) is about 5 hours away, but I've never played there and thus have no comps.

The hubby will be affected as he plays a lot of poker. And I think the WSOP and WPT will be greatly affected! 8,000+ entries in WSOP this year... And I wouldn't hesitate to say that the majority of those players play online, with a lot of them winning WSOP entries online.

What will I do for entertainment instead of gamble? Play video games -- I have the most recent Tomb Raider game to open up. And I'll read more books. Thinking about it... I really don't spend much time actually gambling -- my money doesn't last that long, or I cash out if I get a get hit. But I do spend a lot of time online reading about online gambling.

Ya know... The worst of my worries is that I might not be able to pop in at CasinoMeister and a couple of my favorite EZBoard gambling forums every morning. I'd miss CM and you guys and gals! (Group hug. Awwwwwww... )

Guess it would be back to playing pogo for me,lol The Indian casinos are to crowded and smokey here, and you drive for an hour just waiting to park.

I won't take the 50 bucks I deposit in online casino's and drive 2hrs to a landbased one. I'll probably find something else to do.
I don't really go to B&M casinos too much and I even have friends who work at them and they are near by but my playing style just doesn't fit in well at a B&M casino. I like to have my coffee, turn on some tunes, take an outragous bonus that I know I will never clear the WR and just have some fun trying to emulate what I pull off in fun mode which never happens but it is fun to try different combinations of bets and systems that would get you laughed at in a B&M casino. I'm that guy you all hate at the B&M casino, I take cards when I shouldn't, I ask stupid questions and somehow I end up winning when I am there. Online I just end up annoying my gal when I hit something big then realize I still have 10,000 to go on a WR but I make her come in and look at it as if I just won the lottery lol. I think I will end up going back to day trading, the stock market is just like gambling online anyway and I get the same rush watching the stocks go up and down during the day.
I like to have my coffee, turn on some tunes
Same here. It would cost me $200+ in travel cost to go to a casino 4 hours away (bridge/tunnel fees). Not going to happen when I can deposit anywhere between $50-100 in a session and have a great time without the travel pains. Downright ridiculous!
My personal opinion, it will hurt in the long run, for the truly addicted, those trips to a local casino will be an eyeopener, its hard to win there. It is also depressing to walk out of the casino with a loss - no immediate safe enviornment...I think mentally it will take its toll. When I lose at home I can get up, go have some coffee and take a walk to shake off the loss, or read a book and watch tv. It dosnt sting that way. Its easier for me to pace my betting too...(I only have $50 to play..) at a casino its a short walk to the cash machine and zap..empty bank account. It is so sad to see people digging in their purses looking for that last dollar, or scowling as they leave an atm machine. Sadder is the "loser walk", slumped over and looking at the ground as they make their way to their my area there are alot of Casinos, just a short drive to disaster...:)
I am glad all this is happening. Even when I win at gambling I don't feel especially good about myself, it's just an illusion of "It was smart of me to gamble since I came out ahead, right...?". If I wasn't able to do it anymore, I would have to find things to do that actually made me feel good about myself, like learn about something or exercise or play golf. I love slots, my grandma had a slot machine from the 1920's in her house and I used to play it standing on a chair when I was 3 years old. But as I grew up I never went to casinos, in fact I've only been to a casino twice. But, I got addicted to gambling online. It's a dangerous "hobby" (addiction) and I think this law can only help America.
The good thing is I only live 45 min to the casino

The good thing is I only live 45 min to Foxwoods or the Mohegan Sun Casino
If any of you ever go let me know so we can meet
And i'll even treat you to Dinner too.
Oh this is only open to Girls lol
And I won't tell the wife
I dont think the ban could hurt. The money casinos make will stay in the us economy, not that it represents a large amount, but it will be spent in the us instead. I think online casinos hurt bm casinos more than it helps them. Takes more from clients than it encourages them to go to real casinos.
A gambler is always a gambler

Before internet I used to go to AC once every 2-3 month with 1,5-2K gambling money and I drove there for about 2 hours. In the last 3 years I went there only twice just because online casinos were eating all my extra money. So if I don't have any more online casinos to play I will go back to AC again on more regular basis. It's good for me as I won't have to scramble sometimes to get some money to my bank account to cover that lose on previous day and I won't have as big loses as I had online and I'll gladly trade the convenience of online gambling for a few extra Ks I will save.
It's good for B&M casinos and good for government as this extra money will produce additional tax revenues. I assume $11 billion in additional casino profit will translate to close to $4 billion in extra tax money.
Actually I have to say, that if this was happening in the UK, I could see a positive side for some people. However, if I was one of those people, what would irk me far more is the fact that a) I'm being told what I can and can't do with my own money in my own home and b) that it was religious oddballs forcing their moral beliefs on me.

Consequently, I wouldn't want it to happen. If I wished to go out and do different things instead of gambling online, then that's down to me to sort out, not because someone else is telling me I am no longer allowed by law to make the choice myself!
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The truth is at a macroeconomic level, it will help becuase consuption is pretty consistent so it would be assumed that US gamblers would spend this extra income on something else, maybe not even gambling, there domestically.

Still, we need to put this all in prespective, the 12 billion or so that online gambling sites take in a year wouldn't cover the bill for Iraq for more than a week... and that's revenue, not the much smaller portion the US goverment would actually receive in taxes. (I'm assuming that the online gaming sites would repartriate most profits so we wouldn't considere the benefits of FDI, multiplier effects and that).

Any way you look at it, online gambling is very small potatoes given the enormity of the multi-trillion dollar US economy.

I agree. I personally think it was added just for the sake of pocketing some extra money, from those who oppose online gambling , to promote and protect thier own interests.

Its big to us becuase it effects us. Fritz gets some extra pocket money,
and hopes for a higher republican vote.

I agree . Someone decided that only heathens gamble online so noone should . If you even mention online gambling to some people they stick their nose up without even knowing what it is about . We are whole online communities .
Years ago I worked in a store where people would spend their whole paychecks on government sponsered lottery scratch off tickets . Here in Massachusetts we don't have slot machines but walk into any store and there are over 85 different scratch tickets hanging up . We also have a different jackpot game every night be it Megamillions , Megabucks ect .

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