Question for new buddy : )


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Jul 30, 2003
lala land
Hi Jet,
Well I have played Jet Set so many times & never had any luck so I stopped playing that game. BUT when I saw your posts here, I thought to myself "he had to have won big to call himself 'JetSet'" and so with that in mind I thought I would give it another try. The other day Golden Tiger gave me $20 (as part of thier week end promo, they give you $20 on monday if your deposits total $200 or over the weekend) Well on Monday, I was bored and remembered that I had that $20 & thought "why not I could have fun playing quarter bets until it was time to make dinner". I saw Jet Set, thought about it and and then thought of your screen name and "what the heck" I went in and played quarter bets. I got all three ships and won $200!!!! So THANKS!
My screen shot keeps getting an error message when I tried to post it so I cant show you at the moment. Anyway, my question to you is...did you win a big daddy on Jet Set?
I also went to high five and played quarters & got the high five symbol & 2 7's...$62.50.
Man it sure is nice to have wins like that on not only QUARTERS...but free money!!!
If it were not for you I never would have gone into that game. My $200 turned into a $1500 cash out and that of course made you my new buddy! Funny how that all came about.

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