question about visa credit card


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I have an account with william hill, opened with a visa credit card.
I can cash winnings directly on my credit card.
They didn't ask me a fax whith personal data and a copy of the credit card like casino365 did.
I don't want to provide personal information and i ask if there are reputable casino that don't ask fax back.


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I use william hill and they did want my bits and pieces but not straight away. I think a lot of casinos (especially in the uk) will only ask for ID after a certain amount has been deposited and withdrawn. Im my experiance its around the 3000 mark.

William hill very well run casino/sportsbook/pokeroom by the way, withdrawals hit my account within 2 working days!! :D


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casino365 ask me:
- Copy of both sides of your card

- Copy of your driver's licence or passport with photograph

- Copy of household bill

- Authorisation statement

for cashing 59 euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's standard procedure at 365. It doesn't matter how much you cash out. In my opinion it's not a big deal. Just block out any personal information that's none of their business. And once they have it they process withdrawels very fast.