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Oct 18, 2003

earlier today I was playing with a bonus at Vegas Red and by mistake I played a few hands of blackjack surrender instead of regular blackjack.

The reason this worries me is that the casino's terms say :
Bets placed on all versions of Baccarat, all versions of Roulette, all versions of Sic Bo, all versions of Darts, Heads or Tails, all Video Poker games, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender, Casino War, Pontoon, and Craps will not be counted toward wagering requirements. We reserve the right to withhold any amount in excess of the players original deposit from a player's withdrawal if the play bonus is wagered on the above mentioned games.

I was so caught up in my blackjack play that it took me a number of hands before I realized that I had clicked blackjack surrender instead of regular blackjack. As soon as I realized this, I switched back to regular blackjack, but now I'm worried about my payout.

I have tried to discuss this with support agents, but they didn't seem to understand that my concern was not about my blackjack surrender bets counting towards the rollover or not. They also declined to supply me with the manager's email address.

It goes without saying that I intend to complete the whole wagering requirement amount on regular blackjack. I am not just worried that the casino might use this clause to deny my cashout just because of these blackjack surrender hands.

Does anyone know the email address for Vegas Red's manager?

Does anyone know what usually happens in a case like this?

Oh, and perhaps I should add that these blackjack surender bets were rather small compared to my average bet size and also an overwhelming portion of my winnings come from regular blackjack play.

I am not sure if you spoke to them via live support or by telephone but if it was live support I would suggest calling them instead as it is much easier to communicate on the telephone.

From the UK 0808 180 3232 (freephone)
Singapore 1800 823 2091 (freephone)
From the Canada 1-866 8679230 (freephone)
Japan 00531 780 185 (freephone)
All other countries +350 49396
Or Fax us on +350 43981

Hopefully if you persist you will be able to get them to clarify their position.
Also sending them emails is a good move as it will help you prove that you tried to sort things out prior to any withdrawal.That way if things do go wrong when you try to cash out you can point to the fact that they failed to explain this to you despite your requests.(will help if you need to PAB)
Of course it maybe that you have no problems:thumbsup:
Let's hope so

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