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Mar 15, 2023

I'm asking for your help today because I need some expert advice.
I am a 28 years old French player, living in France.
After registering on the casinos SvenBet and CampeonBet, I took the time to read their terms and conditions, including the part on excluded territories, knowing that many do not accept French players. Seeing that everything was ok and that France is not part of it, I started to play. But, after discussing it with a friend, who advised me to go and check their license (something I didn't do at first), it appears that they only have an AntillePhone NV license. And as specified on the site of this license, the operator is not allowed to accept French residents. Do you know if it is normal that France does not appear in the excluded territories of their terms and conditions? I specify of course that my accounts were validated after sending my identity documents + proof of my address. I have to admit that I was a bit chilled after seeing all this, I have the impression that it is a lack of seriousness of the casino and a serious breach of the conditions of their license. I have already deposited large sums of money at these casinos!
I hope I have made myself clear and I am waiting for your opinions and advice!

Thank you in advance to those who will take the time to read me.

Good day to you :)
Hi, lets start with removing your address as location :) You can just mention: France !

Technically France is a no go for casino operators and game providers. Not sure what you can play on those sites but i guess the content will be limited/not the most trustworthy providers.

I can only advise you to not the play there. It will backfire one day if you win for example.

As for restricted countries on site: ALthough were fully regulated, I dont keep track of restricted countries in our terms. It requires too many updated, and when changed we need to inform existing player. To login each day and to see a popup that we updated the terms, due to country restriction changes, might scare more customers off than to retain them. We just make sure the registration form is up to date. Is your country not listed, you should not register.
Thank you very much for your answer! I will update my profile right away :)
I only play sports betting, I am not a casino player, but the sites I mentioned offer casino games.
With your precisions, I understand completely that it is complicated to modify the terms with each change of law in a country.
But on the other hand, when I registered on these sites, I selected France as my country of residence, it was available! Otherwise I would never have continued the registration, I would have been obliged to lie about my information and that would have been a non-respect of the terms and conditions. Do you find this normal? Do you know if I can ask for an account closure and a refund of the deposits? I feel aggrieved in the story, I have the impression to have been manipulated and that I was lied to. Especially since they are rather "serious" casinos, I checked the reviews on AskGamblers and they do not have a bad rating at all, so I do not understand such a failure to meet the obligations of their license, do they not risk a lot by doing this?
Thank you in advance for your answer :)
Hi, no, we'll leave it as is.

As to your question -- "I do not understand such a failure to meet the obligations of their license, do they not risk a lot by doing this?" -- I believe I had answered that in your PAB, no? The casino has a Curacao license and is governed by Curacao laws (whatever you may think of those). In other words it's technically not a breach of the casino's license to accept French players. It may not be very ethical -- and I'm sure the casino management would be happy to debate that -- but there's nothing actually prohibiting them from doing it. And "risk a lot", no, I don't think so. Not unless France decides to get muscular over it and that's highly unlikely.

- Max

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, you have answered this question in my complaint. I have other things to add, but as you indicated, I will wait before saying anything while the complaint is pending.
Thank you, and have a great evening.

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