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Mar 23, 2006
Some of you are very experienced with casino software and some are even affiliated with the casinos, so I am hoping for a concensus on this.
I have been wondering - when you start playing a slot game, is the outcome predetermined the minute you load that game, or does it depend on which nanosecond you hit the spin key? Is there a difference using the autoplay?
Then, if that game isn't winning and you try something else for a few spins and then reload the first game again, I assume it is a different game, like moving to another seat at the casino.
From what I knew of when I was there. As soon as you hit the spin, your win/loss was determined. So when it comes up bar bar nothing, that was programed to get you excited for a split second before you come crashing back to reality. What you really want to do if you are running bad is change the intervals/pattern you hit the spin button. That would be the samething as leaving the game and comming back. It also helps if you are left handed.
Tennis balls you are so funny....

Tennis balls, you are so funny.... I am been getting the same result. But knowledge is power, or at least half a chance, so I am trying to find out all I can. Thanks for the chuckle!;)
tennis_balls said:
most places where i've played, the outcome was determined the nanosecond that i clicked "confirm deposit" button

Oh man, you are too much! :notworthy
Can not stop laughing for 10 minutes already ! :thumbsup:

:lolup: :lolup:
I'm pretty sure, on Microgaming casinos anyway, that it picks the numbers each time you hit the spin button.

The reason I know this is because I have a router on my desk. Sometimes when I am doing some coding, I let a "Free Spins" or one of the boring Progressive slots autoplay minimised and my little green router light flashes at the satrt of each spin. But when the spins drop in, it stops flashing...usually meaning those rams, or a win > $500, is waiting for me :)

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