Question About Net.Entertainment and Giientertainment Casino


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Sep 7, 2005
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Hi all!

Are you familiar with Net.Entertainment and its casinos?

I just came across Giientertainment casino, and I thought about giving it a shot.

Has any of you tried that before? Is it safe to play there?

Thanks a lot!
Gii Casino is not the same group with Cherry. Some other Netentertainment casinos include Speedbet, Casinodomain. There has been some praising on a couple of forums about the software . I dont quite agree. I think it looks crappy, feels crappy and is rigged, even though i am getting lots of resistance on the rigged part.

Gii has a decent bonus and they do pay (usually takes about 7days from what ive heard).

On small bets it works like its not rigged, and you can possibly win something with small betting trough the playtrough requirements at giientertainment.

Try make or break with this software and you will always break. Think what you want to think, but i think its rigged on BIG bets (Blackjack) On small bets works like a charm.

CasinoEuro is also a big property for this group, -excellent multilanguage support plays a part: the Greek for example is excellent.
A friend of mine regularly plays multihand BJ there (not one of my games) and has big wins and about break even losing streaks -I just asked him and he said that there's nothing to write home about.
I've never heard about the other property before. I'm pretty sure it doesn't belong to that group so I'd be careful.
Kavaman, what do you mean with big bets?
The table maximum is limited to 40$ on Cherry and the others
Have played here and done ok.

The gripe I have is the no phone contact visible and the dubious information being given out by their support.

They say 24 hrs withdrawal back to neteller but ive waited 5 days and still not a sausage.

They may use same s/ware as cherry but clearly have a lot to learn about customer service.

A pretty confusing site too with far to much nonsence that does not need to be there.

Also unlike cherry they have introduced a 2% fee for withdrawals which was hastily applied while my withdrawal was lolling about in cyber limbo.

One to watch
Have now been paid which i'm very happy with.

I emailed net entertainment who to their credit responded courteously and explained that although they do not have control over one of thier licencee's they would assist me with my issue.

So a big thumbs up for net entertainment from me:thumbsup:

Oh and Giientertainment casino also gets the thumbs up:thumbsup:
I have received 2 x 200 free from GII Entertainment. payouts - 24-48 hours.

They have removed their sign up bonus - but they still have a nice monthly match.

Give them a try.

GI Joe - lots of news!

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