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Oct 11, 2002
Hello casinomeister. I have a cool european roulette system that requires a bankroll of $4,100 bankroll. I am looking for a casino that can fullfill my play requirements below:

1. european roulette with maximum $100 bet per number
2. The final round that is played requires around $750 to be on the table at one time in play

the Ritz London casino that you mentioned in a very recent email fullfills these requirements, but i'm skeptikal to make a deposit of $5,000 because they are so new. also, ive tested my system in practice mode and it seems to work quite well with ritz london casino. I'm not sure if the real mode play also fullfills my play requirements because I cannot seem to get through to the telephone numbers on their website.

Can you help me find out if their real mode play contains the same table limits as practice play? or maybe another casino that is reputable and has my play requirements :)

looking forward to reply,

Richard Mossip,

(same guy who had very bad experience with river nile casino $3200 winnings confiscated :( but i got my deposits back)


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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Richard,

Even though they are new, The Ritz Club is a very solid group. They are associated with the B&M Ritz Club in London.

But they don't allow US players. Are you in the States or Canada?