Question about Crystal Palace Groups wagering requirements


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Sep 16, 2006
""If your wagers do not total nine times your initial deposit value, you will be credited a prorated bonus amount. To receive your 15% ongoing bonus, you must wager the entire value of your subsequent deposits. Roulette, Pontoon, Craps, and Baccarat, are not included in any promotional offer. Blackjack, while eligible for the Initial Deposit Bonus, must be wagered a value no less than 20 times the value of your deposit plus bonus. One Bonus amount/account per family/household. American Grand Casino reserves the right to request further documentation and or withhold bonus amount.""

In their general terms and conditions they additionally mention that every dollar wagered on Black Jack counts 50 sents towards the wagering requirement.

How do I count the wagering requirement? Isnt it 6000 for blackjack - not 12000? They automatically double the requirement for black jack anyway.
Welcome aboard Leonidas. You might find the information you require using the "Search" facility at the top of the page :thumbsup:

Also be aware of the "Accredited Casinos" link.


Thanks Simmo. What do their terms mean?

I've no idea :D I don't generally do signup bonuses as they are way to complicated and all the horror stories in the complaints section are enough to put me off. And when they also appear contradictory, that sounds off a warning to me. If you think it is contradictory, I'd advise you not to take any bonus or deposit at any casino until you have clarification of any terms, in writing.

"if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" - good motto :)
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No offense, Leonidas2, but why don't you email or Live Chat with the casino and get the terms clarified for you that way? :confused:

You'll either have the email or a copy and paste document with proof of what they told you then in case they change it after you've completed the WR. :thumbsup:

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