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Mar 10, 2005
Is it me, or does Bodog automatically put comp cash in your casino account automatically?

I logged in tonight, only to find ~$10 in my account. Last week I found ~$20. There were cents involved, so I know it wasn't a bonus they stuck in there without letting me know...I hadn't logged in between sessions, so I know my balance was 0 before finding this money in there each time.
I have also "found" money in my account when I have logged in. It doesn't show up as bonus money, and seems to be withdrawable even.

I haven't found any info on their website about these comps... I thought maybe they just liked me!:D :D
Its 10% of what you deposit and lose , when your account zeros out.

If you deposit $100 and lose 50 and leave 50 in your accoutn you will not find 55 the next day. But if say after 3 or 4 days you lost the other 50 within 24-48 horus you will receive your 10% cash back . Fully withdrawable.
they have a poker pro on staff who examines your play. if he determines you are a donk, he throws a few bucks into your casino account.

So thats why you get all that bonus money huh???
I got $10 and $5, I only deposited $50 and never played poker. Only blackjack.
Any further info?

I got an email again, that I have money on my casino account...

What's that? That can't be 10% of my losses... I'v been playing poker there, but that was a long time ago... I can't check when that was credited to my casino account, history is only for 1 months... Seems to be cashable. Consolation prize because I don't have rakeback, but I played there a lot? :)
I asked bodog about this when I was playing with them.. This is the response I got :) Hope it helps!

Dear Mr. Thomson,

Thank you for contacting Bodog Casino Customer Service.

Our Casino Comps are automatically credited to your Casino Chip Balance based on your handle and losses every Monday and Thursday before 10:00AM EST, should you be eligible to receive one.

Please be advised, all Casino Comps issued are Cash Comps you can wager with in the Casino, Poker Room, Sportsbook or withdraw at your choice. There is no rollover required on our weekly comps.
If you ever encounter a problem or have any questions that require an immediate response please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Casino Customer Service Team at 1-866-234-1324 or

Casino Customer Service
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