quesstion about casino titan


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Jan 29, 2010
sudbury ontario
since casino titan was bought by win palace group.....has anyone been playing there? if so has anyone cashed out?

and how did it go?

thinking about playing there, but not sure. i use to play there alot before, but when they were sold i started playing high noon and other club world casinos, but having zero luck there.


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Nov 28, 2007
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I have avoided Casino Titan just on gut feeling and reading the threads here, nothing else.

As for High Noon, I can't even deposit there for some reason, so they are missing out on my business. None of the methods I choose will allow me to deposit, so I have given up on them.


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Jan 4, 2010
I didn't know TITAN was part of Win Palace.
If I knew, I wouldn't have been playing there. Also yesterday I did a 75$ depo on Titan. Now, after reading your post, I feel like a stupid.

Adding the WinPalace deposits and the Titan ones, I did 16 deposits 75$ each.

I never reached 76$.

When I redeemed some coupons, I never completed not even the first 1/10th of the playthrough.

In my personal experience, those two casinos are very "unlucky".

Maybe they will be more generous with you. Hope so.

(sorry for my english, I am NOT using the internet translator, so that the mistakes are MINE).


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Mar 27, 2001
Used to play quite a lot before it was winpalace- stopped after the takeover as slower withdrawals, less than friendly customer support and confused bonus terms eg some match deposit bonuses would show a max cashout in the coupon details box and live chat would say there was no max cashout.

They do tend to spam a bit too much especially the affiliates and seem to pay fast and loose with privacy in terms of info given to affilates. (I recieved emails which not only had my user name but my account balance!

GIven that all RTG has the same software I would go for customer service, rewards and fast reliable payouts- for me Jackpot capitol, Inetbet Highnoon and Intertops- like to have a few choices in case a favourite is in tight mode



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Feb 13, 2009
Casino Titan

I was playing there because I saw good things posted here and they had a rep here. It wasn't till I tried to make a withdrawal that I found out who now owned them. Here is my most recent chat with support.
Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Casino Support'

Casino Support: Welcome to Casino Titan, how may I assist you?

charles sather: been 7 days when are you going to process my withdrawal?

Casino Support: May I have your username?

charles sather: xxxxx

Casino Support: One moment please.

Casino Support: I see the request was made on the 23rd

Casino Support: so its 7 business days

Me: no you made me change it yesterday because six days before that I had requested a use my wallet withdrawal. but yesterday was told to change it to wire
me: because you no longer did business with use my wallet no fault of my own

Casino Support: One moment please.

Casino Support: Sorry 1 more minute plese

me: ok

Casino Support: Sorry we do work with usemywallet it was just down for a couple days

Casino Support: either way it takes the same amount of time

Casino Support: 7 business days

me: oh my goodness well I would like to speak with the manager I feel like im getting the shaft

Casino Support: I am the manager

Casino Support: I am sorry but in our terms

Casino Support: it takes 7 business days

me: ok so if your the manager why do you not answer my email.

Casino Support: Which email and to where did you send it?

me: Look I have spent thousands at your casino and I ask for a one time withdrawal of $950 and get the runaround.

me: Had this gone smoothly id be right there spending more money

Casino Support: I replied to 2 of your emails today

me: the support guy last night was so rude and he made me resubmit my withdrawal then hung up on me so the time starts over again?

me: i have never received a reply. I really like your casino and want to remain friends, just heard a lot of rumors lately and then decided to cash out and I felt like no support

Casino Support: Im so sorry

Casino Support: We werent sure when usemywallet would be fixed

Casino Support: I do apologize

me: I play for fun, but do want to make sure that in the event I do win, I will get paid.

Casino Support: Of course you will

Casino Support: so sorry about that

me: so if its seven business days I should be paid on friday.

Casino Support: business days

me: yes seven business days from when i originally requested the withdrawal is friday

Casino Support: Okay but we cant do it like that

me: it wasn't my fault I had to change methods. correct?

Casino Support: RIght but eithe way it would takes 7 business days

me: right so i requested the withdrawal 11/17 and friday would be nine days total and seven business days, correct?

Casino Support: No

Casino Support: It goes from when the withdrawal is requested

Casino Support: when you canceled it the process started over

Casino Support: we cant change that

me: but thats not my fault, you told me to change it.

me: if our roles were reversed right now, how would you feel?

Casino Support: I understand but support was only trying to save you time

Casino Support: without knowing when usemywallet

Casino Support: would be fixed

me: Yes, but support said "We are no longer doing business with use my wallet" and could I get your name so that I can follow up on this?

Casino Support: Im sorry

Casino Support: My name is Vanessa

me: Truly the manager should be able to see the injustice and be able to override any rule.

Casino Support: One moment please.

Casino Support: I have asked the finance manager to look into that and do whatever he can okay

Casino Support: We will do our best and email you soon

me: Okay Vanessa thank you.

Casino Support: Youre welcome and sorry again

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Jan 4, 2010
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I used to played at Titan alot before the ownership change. They always paid within 48 hours.

I sometimes get tempted back by their very generous 200%+ bonus offers but the thought of not being paid just makes me feel too sick so I end up staying well clear.

Thanks for the heads up. Just reinforces my view that these guys cannot be trusted and dont deserve my hard earned money.


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Aug 27, 2008
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7 Buisness days to process a withdraw. What a joke. They must be desperate. Never ever would I deposit at a casino with such insane wait time for a withdraw. Mad!


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Jan 4, 2010
I was smiling 3 days ago, immediately after (few hours) we started this negative topic about Titan, a RJ was hit there, and its picture is in the winners.

Maybe somebody there believes to be a marketing genius.

Anyway, last monday I was asking the closing of the account and the "unsubscrive" option.

Instead of sending me a confirmation of the account closing (as per my request), they sent me a promotional e-mail with the offers of the week.

I insist: there is a marketing genius there.