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It's Gambling if you can't afford to lose it don't bet it...

Can you tell me if queens club is an independant casino.. Please read further and tell me if there is truth to how they make there games fair.. the software is awesome but.....a little suspicious but I could of had a bad run of luck on the 25-1000 craps table

Dear Wes,

Thank you for contacting Queens Club Casino support.

With regards to your e-mail, please be advised that our games are based on genuine random numbers. Various computer programs are able to generate pseudo-random numbers. However, our games are played with true random numbers, generated by a radiation monitor. The Geiger-Muller Tube Detector utilizes the unpredictability of background radiation to generate random numbers.

In addition, please note that the casino is operated under a license, issued by Curacao.

If you should have additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,

Casino Support Representative

Original message:
Your craps game leave a little to be desired as well as suspicious my rolls
as follow

1st roll bet $100 on pass line rolls 2..crap out Lost
2nd roll bet $100 on pass line rolls 3..crap out Lost
3rd roll bet $100 on hard nine and $42 on hard six rolls 6 Lost hard six
very next rolls 7 craps out lost $100 hard nine.
Next roll 70.00 hard eight. 7 crap out
next roll hard eight with no bets out

Please don't take this the wrong way but it reminds me on casino-on-net
where it rolled 23 reds in a row when I was on black.
I complained and they credited me with $50 no questions asked.
I must continue to look for a truly fair

Best regards,

username nedrah

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