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Apr 19, 2015
I've never been to a brick&mortar casino but I watched my share of youtube
slot vids.
And I have to say many offline slots look way better than their online counterparts.
Many employ multiple screen extravaganzas - which is not possible with the typical
home setup.
Still, even one screen machines often look so much better than the online slots.
More colorful, action-packed, higher-resolution...
just way more interesting to look at.

I imagine, there was a time, 10 years ago(?) where online slots actually looked better,
I wouldn't know though.

Also I noticed that the majority of youtube videos feature Aristocrat slots.
Seems they totally dominate the offline market. And although they have a few online slots
they're not the same as the b&m counterparts.
I want those big BUFFALO hits myself. They always get these great hits on youtube.
It seems that machine is an ATM for some. Unheard of! :mad:
I like the B and M (going with mom and friends this week) to check out the new releases (and buffet of course).


sure it's all flashy and eye popping....but a hell of a lot of money eaters (think: WMS).
I prefer the odds and bonuses of online casinos.
Developing a slot for a land based casino can also be much less difficult, since the game is being developed on a platform where the hardware is constant. Unlike slots for a land based casino, online slots have to work on devices with varying types of processors, amount of ram, connection speeds, number of programs running in the background, multiple browsers, etc etc. It gets even more complicated when mobile devices are now brought in to the mix with limited resources (video ram, ram usable by the browser, etc) and increased development time and effort.

It's a hell of a lot easier to develop a slot when you know with certainty the specifications of the machine and that the game in question is the only thing that's running on the device.

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