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Jul 26, 2006
Hello everyone,

I introduced myself in the Mansion bonus problems thread.
But for those who didnt read it my name is Edward and Im a long time reader of forum. I have signup with 13 different casinos through Casinomeister who has made some well earned coin off me. Things had gone pretty smoothly until this situation occured.

ON Aug 11 I sent them $280. Their bonus policy is wager 25x that amount (7000 in my case) on nonrestricted games and they will deposit 100% cashable bonus to account when requirements are met.

I was informed by CS that there is no way for player to track wagering but that it would be done in house and that I would have no problem getting money once requirement was met.

Over the next 2 days I made wagers on all the various VP including single and multi line, a little on table games and alot on slots including Thunderstruck
( see why people like this game even though it can sicken you at times like winning 5x your bet total combined on consecutive bonus rounds:mad: ) and Tomb Raider. I went busto once and had to reup. All bets were on non resticted games, no issue there.

I kept track by hand, its not that big a deal as Ive done it at other casinos that dont have real time results. I kind of make a separate game out of that too.

On the morning of the 13th I knew that I was close as my tally was $6600 and its usually a little less than the real number. I emailed CS to get there total and was shocked that the only showed $3300. After a couple more emails stating their number couldnt be right, they sent me the report which showed the various games I played and how much was wagered each day on each game. After comparing that to my notes I determined that I was being shortchanged on the slots.

I told them that if they were to check actual game logs that there would most definately be several thousand in slot action that I wasnt given credit for. Last nite they forwarded a copy of the logs for the 2 days in question and requested that I review them and get back in touch. I spent several hours looking at the over 9000 individual actions, calculated my true bets and lo and behold I was right all along.

I tallied over $3800 in slot wagers yet there reports only game me credit for less than $400:eek2:

I just sent them an email detailing my findings. I also let them know that it was uncool for them to make me do all the work. I could see where the problem was just by looking at the reports, I told them how to find the problem by reviewing the game logs, and I still had to spend hours pouring over data and doing calculations.

I will say that they have been courteous and prompt in answering my emails.
I dont believe that they are intentionally trying to shaft me.
I also believe they will come to the same conclusions that I did simply by tallying up the wagers on the game logs and eventually resolving this snafu.

I wanted to post because maybe some of you all got shorted on slot play as well and didnt know it. Also even if ( a big if these days) a casino is honorable, there can be mistakes made. I chose to not post this in complaint section because I expect resolution. But you can better be sure that I will take this further if they now find some crazy reason not to bonus or pay me.

Good gaming,
You could try to PM the rep
You can find her in the " casino contacts " section
Her screen name is purplenaomi

I had a small problem a while back and she was extremely helpfull and had it all resolved in a matter of hours.

BUT i think she will probably be on a UK timeframe ( 6:25pm at the moment ) so you might be stuck until monday.

It is just about Wed the 23rd of August.

So far the only response has been a silly email asking me if I realized that a credit could be any part of a coin value and that they must take into account coin value when calculating my wagering.
Silly because the game logs do not indicate credits but rather acutal dollars and cents. The amounts won and lost after each spin are very clear. If I bet and lose 90 cents on a spin it doesnt matter if its 90 pennies, 45 2 cent units or 18 nickels, its 90 cents. I truly cannot understand why it is taking so long for them to figure this out. Especially when I have gone through the game logs and clearly showed them the transaction numbers and spin amounts from their game logs for the slot play in question.

And Waylander, thanks for tip about casino rep. I sent 2 separate pm to her and havent gotten a response yet.

Would I be correct to say that if this isnt resolved by weekend that my next step is to PAB?
The tricky part is that their bonus terms indicate that rollover must be completed in same month as deposit. I am probably about $200 short even if they give me proper credit for amount wagered. So they could take another week to say okay "you were right" and because I still wouldnt have wagered the amount in Aug I would be SOL.

I guess some of you would say go ahead and wager another $200, which is probably the best move if I believe that everything will work out. I do get anal about certain things and hesitate giving them any more action at this point.

Any tips or suggestions from you experts?
These people have always been awesome. Your problem was most likely you requested the tally of your wagering during a weekend. They dont update at all during the weekend.... then you even need to wait another 24 hours for it to update.

Again, this has been one of the best casinos I play at as far as customer service, you just have to be patient on the wagering updates.

And why would you think they won't pay you? This casino has gone above and beyond most IMHO.
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Just curious about the comments regarding 'has made some well earned coin off me....' did u mean the Meister? Only asking because you list your occupation as gambler. Interesting lifestyle, beating the odds as a full time job.:rolleyes:

PM the purple lounge rep... then post if not fixed.:thumbsup:
Contrary to the last two posters I DO NOT think that everything is COOL N GROOVY.

Bossplayer - you might be right with totals and 24 hour updates - except I'd expect support to KNOW that and not send logs to the player concerned.

The issues been going for 4 days - 96 hours to the mathematically challenged - ;) and there still seems to be some dispute about the actual level of turnover - THAT IS A PROBLEM.

You ask why might the casino not pay this player? Because their stats are wrong? It does not have to be a intentional conspiracy to be a significant problem.

Players should not have to know to come to CasinoMeister and PM a rep in order to have their totals for bonus calculation tracked correctly.

Having said that - you are here - so get on the PMs to the rep - and perhaps get customer services to also pass it through to her? By agitating at both ends (in a nice way of course) you should get someone with a bit of authority and nous to get involved.

Hopefully then it will all be sorted out quickly.

Keep us informed mate.
I agree with TheGooner. It has been 4 days and the OP has not received a reply even from the rep. To me that is a long time. The very least they could do is reply and ask the poster to be patient as they are working diligently on resolving the stats anomaly.

I think you need to start pushing a little harder to get a response before the weekend, because apparently things come to a halt then.

If it gets too close to the end of the month without an answer, then go ahead and finish the WR (documenting it) and then PAB if they don't pay.
These people have always been awesome. Your problem was most likely you requested the tally of your wagering during a weekend. They dont update at all during the weekend.... then you even need to wait another 24 hours for it to update.

Again, this has been one of the best casinos I play at as far as customer service, you just have to be patient on the wagering updates.

And why would you think they won't pay you? This casino has gone above and beyond most IMHO.

Did you even read my post?
This has nothing to do with receiving wagering updates. It has everything to do with not being credited the proper amounts that are clearly stated on the game logs but somehow not transferring to their reports.

Im glad that things have worked out for you so far.
I expect them to pay me but remember that I first brought this to their attention on the 13th of August. It took several days of back and forth just to get as far as getting the game logs which I analyzed and reported my findings to them on the morning of the 18th. So far its been 10 days all together and still no final word. This is a problem that could have been resolved by doing simple math with the game logs from the get go.

So while I still give them the benefit of the doubt and do not think they are trying to purposely screw me, it does concern me when a simple matter is not resolved in a timely fashion. Being deceitful is different from being inept, but the end result of either is that I havent been paid.:mad:

Regarding question about doubleup-
No, not even one double up or gamble feature was done.

Regarding Slotqueeny qustion-
Yes I was referring to the Meister.
I mainly play poker and bet on sports. While I certainly have not become rich so far, Ive been fortunate enough to not have to work for someone else over the last year and a half:thumbsup:

I do appreciate the replies and will try to pm rep one more time.
I wasn't aware of this thread until now. PurpleNaomi is on vacation at the moment - the PM prompted an auto responder from her stating so which I received.

Never fear, I'll contact someone else for you.
Purple Lounge Support


My name is Helen from Purple Lounge Support.

I have been liaising with the player regarding his casino bonus.

We are aware of the situation and are in contact with mircogaming to try and resolve the situation.

We would like to highlight that the wager requirement results are generated by the microgaming software which are used to credit the players with the casino bonus.

We hope to resolve this query as quickly as possible for the player.

Purple Lounge Support
Its now Monday afternoon at 430 cst.
I still have no resolution of this matter.

On Sunday I did get an email from Purple stating that

"The latest update from micrcogaming regarding your query is that the investigating team are re-synchronizing the data from the 1st August 2006 for you to resolve your query and they will update me with the report as soon as it has been completed."

Whatever "resynchronizing the data" entails doing, why is this taking so long?

In her forum response above, Helen is shifting the blame to the MG software. Okay that does appear to be main source of the problem, but why penalize the customer?

If Purple and MG are having reporting issues they need to work them out and not keep me on hold in the meantime. As I have said NUMEROUS times, simply tally my wagers from the game logs and you will get my wagering amounts.
Purple does not need for reporting issue with MG to be fixed in order to look at the logs and figure out my wagering amounts.

Once again I am being patient and still expect postitive resolution.
I will say that the way Purple has handled everything so far has taken out all the fun of playing in their casino.
I think that Purple have shifted the blame on to MicroGaming simply because that's where the problem appears to lie ... in the software.

I wouldn't expect anyone at Purple to be able to go in and reconfigure things ... nor would I expect them to payout while there is still a malfunction.

(However, if it is a microgaming issue then surely it goes a lot deeper than just your case ... )

I agree that you would expect some deadline for a resolution on this - and at the very least the wagering requirements should be extended into September.

As for taking the "fun" out of their siite - well when you're winning cash (and bonuses) from casinos - they never think its fun).

Keep us informed guys ...
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I also had a problem with the wagering amounts. At first, Purple Lounge told me I had not wagered the required amount. However, I had wagered well over the required amount.

A 2nd Email resolved the problem. However, the stats at Purple Lounge seem to take at least 24 hours to update? Not very efficient if you ask me.

I suggest anyone who is playing to qualify for the bonus keep careful track of your wagering amounts. You may need them to back up your request for the bonus.

On the plus side, the problem was resolved (albeit with some inconvenience for me. I really hate having to spend time asking casinos for a bonus I've earned), the bonus was added, I won a little, and my withdrawal was processed within 48 hours.
Purple Lounge Support


I have received confirmation from Microgaming today confirming the players wager requirement.
I have at this time credited the player with the casino bonus.

We have been experiencing problems with the casino reports from microgaming in the last couple of weeks, and we do apologise for any inconvenience this may caused players.
We are continually working with microgaming to resolve the problem.

The query has now been resolved.

Purple Lounge Support

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