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Sep 7, 2005
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I guess the first to take interest in this thread is the Casinomeister site's Webmaster.

I opened an account at InetBet.com using the "Punkmeister" link. I deposited $50 using the "Newpunk" coupon and I wagered over 25x(Deposit + Bonus) playing BJ. However, after asking for a withdrawal, I got an email from Inetbet, according to which the wagering requirements for BJ, for the "newpunk" coupon , are 30x and NOT 25x, as it is stated on the link I reached through "Punkmeister".

So, is this a mistake by the owner of the "Punkmeister" Link, or InetBet are just trying to make me bet some $$ more?

Thanks in advance.
Shhh! You're not supposed to tell. That's the "spot the fake ad" contest that's going on here. :D

Glad things worked out.
Though I hate to resurrect the thread, I've got a question about the "oldpunk" coupon myself ...

In the terms on your page, Bryan, it states "Unless otherwise stated offers do not apply to Craps, Roulette, MultiHand VP and Baccarat play". However, after redeeming the coupon through Inetbet's cashier, the cashier also adds blackjack to the list of restricted games.

Which one do I go with, especially since I was using the coupon to play blackjack?
And now I see that the page through here has been changed to reflect that blackjack doesn't count.

Oh well, glad RTG has you redeem the coupon before depositing and I didn't deposit. :oops:

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