Protecting your site


Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
As most of you are probably aware - Casinomeister was hacked into (main folder - front page) over the weekend. The reason for this was some script I still had installed on the site. There was a vulnerability detected and a hacker began hitting up all the sites that still had this installed .The announcement of the vulnerable script was made on the 7th, and I got hit on the 9th. Hackers can move fast.
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What I did was shut the site down, had it tarballed and downloaded it to my harddrive. I uploaded fresh files which took most of the day yesterday, and I still have more to go.

Now Casinomeister is an old site - relatively speaking - you wouldn't believe some of the old unused scripts I still had lying around. They are gone now.

Lesson learned: the hack more or less inconvenienced me during the weekend. It gave me the opportunity to "cleanse" the site of any possible damaging script - and it made me smarter. My server guys turned me on to this website
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which monitors security issues. You can also search their archives for any scripting problems that make concern some of your installed programs. It would be wise to check this out.