Props to High Noon


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May 10, 2009
Wait'n for a payout!
Yesterday I deposited $300 at High Noon Casino, first time I have played there with a deposit. I ended up with $550 but ended up blowing everything, oh well. I woke up this morning with an email letting me know they were giving me a free $50 chip on the house. I blew that as well, but the point is that they gave $50 for free on the house to show their appreciation. And I would like to let them know that I appreciate the way they treated me. So thanks High Noon! :thumbsup:


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Oct 28, 2011
New Zealand
I like High Noon

I've never won there but I like the games. Im closing my account there (because of an issue with my password) but I am re opening another one just because I like the games;)