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Mar 28, 2003
Here is a suggestion for all who wish to improve the Online Casino landscape. Everytime you receive a promotional offer from a RTG casino reply with the following(or similar) message;

[color=ff0000]"Thank you for your generous offer but because of ongoing abuse of players that play at Real Time Gaming casinos I will have to decline. This abuse of players, locking accounts, stealing winnings coupled with Real Time Gaming's outright refusal to correct the situation justifies my decision. Until Real Time Gaming deals with all of these player grievances and puts in place mechanisms to win back my trust I will not be making any more deposits in any Real Time Gaming casinos. I am sorry if this impacts your business in any negative way. If you are an honest casino operator perhaps your best course of action would be to pressure Real Time Gaming to acknowledge and correct the current issues and put in place some customer safe-guards for the future."[/color]

It is obvious that Real Time Gaming considers the casino operator to be the customer rather than the players so only they will be able to change things. I am going to keep this letter in notepad on my desktop to use for every RTG offer I receive. If enough players do the same the operators might even notice. Feel free to use the quote or write a similar and better quote and more importantly get it out there. Only with lots of these types of negative responses to their marketing can we hope to have any effect.

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One big problem with this is that you'll probably be replying to an affiliate of an RTG site who doesn't give a flying rats ass what you say and do. But good intentions anyway.

And so it goes...
You know, you are probably right about the affiliates. I think sending a carbon copy to RTG and the casino support might prove to be a little more effective. I don't think this will change anything in a big way but it might let RTG know that the public is aware and pissed off.
I see all this talk about avoiding RTG casinos, but which ones are they? What are their names?
They're the ones with the many blackjack variants and bad slot machines. You'll find them listed in the Rogue section. Or you can go to
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where they have a list.
[color=0077aa][font=verdana,arial,helvetica][size=+1]I went to
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like mary suggested and tried to find a link to contact them but all I could find was an area(under contact us) that is meant for persons interested in using their software to open up a new casino.In the short application there is a spot for "additional comments" so I wrote in it what brian said to say and told them this is what the casino public will be sending to all your casinos till RTG casino operators are held responsible(along with RTG itself) to either operate fairly or get out of the business. It probably will just get deleted and not do anything but who knows?,maybe if everyone pretended to sign up and in the space provided said the same thing, it might piss them off enough because they would have to search through who was really serious about wanting to own a new casino and who is just faking(to make a point).-gary m[/size][/font][/color]
As for email addresses, is listed on the site, and hip hip - did you forget the ".com" on the end of the support address? Perhaps that's why it bounced back.

As for lists of RTG casinos, it's hard to keep up with all of the bad ones. There are lists in the rogue section here:

Ad naseum....

And then there are the ones flaunting Safebet logos listed here:

Now to narrow down your search, that is if you like Real Time Gaming Software and would like to play their games, I would suggest Crown Vegas, Inetbet (when they lose the Safebet logo) and perhaps the Nostalgia group (Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) ). That's about all that's left unless I'm forgetting somebody.

Thanks for the sales e-mail. I am quite sure at least these guys are concerned, after all slowing sales impacts their pocketbook. I will start adding as a CC along with the support for the casino itself.

As for the support@realtimegaming I did add the .com so it didn't bounce back, it was just an automated response directing me to use the feedback site so they can ignore it.

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